Walking Art

By Jo Phillips

Feet down, head forward power on. Walk the walk, get to work, don’t stop; march until you hit your destination. Maybe you have music in your ears or you are thinking of what you need to get done first at work, or maybe you are shopping the elegant streets of Mayfair, but it shop to shop, bags upon bags add to the weight. But what about stopping? looking? sensing? The world around you may just offer you a few material surprises; perhaps there is some sculpture to engage with, a grass laid square to pause in? Actually, if you are in Mayfair then don’t miss the second annual Sculpture Trail, find out more about Walking Art. Image on left ‘Walking Figure, Long Hair’ by Julie Opie presented by The Lisson Gallery

Mayfair a beautiful part of London’s west end, encapsulating the most desirable stores, delicate eateries, grand houses, gardened squares and the best art galleries the whole of London has to offer. But too many of us pass it by without looking around or up, even across or about. To busy rushing to work or to the shop or a restaurant.

Be prepared to stop and rest, or even make it a destination because as of the 2nd of June (until the 27th) the Sculpture Trail is thriving in this most desirable of locations.

Alive and vibrant with sculptures spread around outside, by leading international artists in iconic locations across the West End. From Bond Street, Cork Street and Berkeley Square to the tree-lined grandeur of Grosvenor Square, the world’s most vibrant art district will be animated by outdoor works of art taking visitors on a trail through contemporary sculpture, selected by the Mayfair galleries all working within the area. For these London art dealers to have the opportunity to exhibit contemporary art beyond the walls of their galleries is a joy, expanding the view of world-respected artists beyond walled enclaves, available to all.

William Peers, ‘Origin VI’. Presented by John Martin Gallery

Take a walk with an audio app that guides you past the pieces that this year are built around the theme of Humanity. See marble, steel and bronze, the human face approached from a multitude of perspectives all created by the participating international artists.

Exhibitors include British artist William Peers, who has carved a new work out of marble; this artwork is presented by John Martin Gallery. The piece is titled ‘A face of no particular race or gender: ‘Origin VI’.

Find up-and-coming Turkish artist Hande Şekerciler presented by JD Malat Gallery. Experimenting with ideas of form and social issues in her sculptural work, the work ‘Ecstasy self-portrait no. 1’ similarly removes gender and social labels.

Hande Şekerciler ‘Ecstasy’ presented bt JD Malat Gallery

Move on and see ‘Alien 2’ by David Breuer-Weil a reminder of the discomfort and unease faced by many during the recent pandemic Presented by E&R Cyzer, the artwork positioned on New Bond Street for the Mayfair Sculpture Trail provides an intense moment of reflection in this shopping hub.

‘Alien 2’ by David Breuer-Weil Presented by E&R Cyzer,

Outside the iconic shop Fenwicks find the work of South Korean artist Seo Young-Deok. The artist has produced, a giant sculpture of the human head made with stainless steel chains using the parts from bicycles and industrial machinery. The Opera Gallery is presenting this piece.

Seo Young-Deok, ‘Meditation 626’ Seo Young-Deok, Presented by The Opera Gallery.

Carry on The Walking Art trail to the Lisson Gallery where you will find outside ‘Walking Figure, Long hair’ by Julien Opie who has a solo exhibition concurrently at 22 Cork Street. Image on left.

Also on the tail find Anthony James ‘Ferrari 250 GTO’ and Manolo Valdés, ‘White Infanta Margarita’. Images below. Both presented by The Opera Gallery.

Its also good to know on this walking art sculpture trail highlights the permanent public artworks of the area: Lawrence Holofcener’s ‘Allies’ on New Bond Street, commissioned to mark 50 years of peace; ‘Three Figures’ by sculptor Neal French at Bourdon Place that captures the moment photographer Terence Donovan snapped model Twiggy for an iconic photo of 1966, and watched by a passer-by; on Bruton Lane Banksy’s Falling Shopper’ depicts a shopper falling dramatically through the air trying to clutch a shopping trolley containing a bottle of wine and a necklace; the trail concludes with Joel Shapiro’s stunning untitled bronze sculpture high above the entrance to 23 Savile Row

The Mayfair Sculpture Trail is a Mayfair Art Weekend collaboration with Art in Mayfair. The inaugural edition in October 2020 launched in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in between lockdowns, providing an opportunity for people to experience art outdoors. Supporters of the Mayfair Sculpture Trail include Westminster City Council, Burlington Arcade, Cork Street Galleries, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, and Mayfair galleries.

Walking, stopping even for a moment or more to breathe and look around is more rewarding than ever when you make your way through the works in the Mayfair Sculture trail 2021. Why not even make it part of a day out in beautiful surroundings and enjoy internationally renowned works of art many of us would ordinarily never get to engage with?

Mayfair Sculpture Trail
2 – 27 June 2021
Mayfair (multiple locations) mayfairartweekend.com/sculpture-trail #MayfairSculptureTrail

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