Want to Know WattsWhat?

By Jo Phillips

Slap bang in the midst of bustling streets, the vibrant hidden gem known as the Ham Yard Hotel sits unassumingly in Soho, London. An energetic area home to industry, culture and entertainment for creatives and artists alike, making it the perfect location for editor-in-chief, David. M Watts unveiling of Wattswhat magazine… A curated cornucopia of fashion, interiors, grooming, travel, food and design for men.


Overseen with a creative steer from David, guest columnists and seasoned fashion writers will provide readers with detailed insights concerning key menswear and lifestyle news for the upcoming six months.

With cover art by the talented Andy Tuohy, a widely commissioned contemporary graphic designer, and winter fashion features illustrated by Brooklyn-based artist Richard Haines, Wattswhat embraces and promotes a graphic art approach to men’s lifestyle publications.

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‘The aim of the magazine is to strike up a dialogue with tastemakers and stylish men who know their own mind, who believe that they have a sense of personal style and who have a discerning taste beyond the mainstream’

– David M. Watts

Cascading down the stairs of the Ham Yard Hotel you know you are in for an exclusive treat… To the left is a 1950’s styled bowling alley and to the right a Dive bar and private screening theatre. At the launch, guests were invited to a film screening of Dries, an insight into the life and mind of Dries Van Noten, who, for more than 25 years, has remained an innovative and independent figure in the world of fashion. Original and iconic, the screening of Dries was the perfect fit for David’s launch, as the brand mirrors the creative heart and ethos of his magazine.


So, if you find yourself seeking a fresh reading experience whilst keeping a finger on the pulsating cultural zeitgeist then Wattswhat will be for you!

Wattswhat will be published biannually to coincide with fashion’s seasonal cycle, with a cover price of £8.00.

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