Warming Fashion

By Jo Phillips

Fashion Tips to Keep Warm This Winter. Winter is nearly here, which means it’s time to pack those summer dresses and strappy tops away but staying warm doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Here are some fashion tips to help you keep warm and stylish no matter how cold it gets.

Use Under-Layers

It may seem counterintuitive but thin layers actually trap heat much better than one thick layer. By incorporating thin layers to your outfit, not only will you stay warmer but it’s also a great way to keep lighter, summer pieces in your wardrobe all year round. Try to keep a few basic under-layers in a range of different colours so that you can wear them every day under any outfit for some extra warmth.

Invest in a Good Coat

A decent winter coat can make all the difference when the temperature dips. Your coat doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it has to do the job well. Make sure you choose something that will keep you both warm and dry, and be sure to think about the colour and style too. You could opt for a winter coat that will blend seamlessly with anything in your wardrobe or make a statement by choosing a bright and bold winter coat for a pop of colour on grey days.

Get the Right Shoes

Footwear is another key element of staying warm and stylish during the winter. We lose a lot of heat from our extremities, meaning our fingers and toes need to be toasty if we want to stay warm when the temperature drops. No matter how bundled up you get, if your feet are wet and cold, you won’t feel warm. Plus, when the rest of you is swathed in layers, a fantastic pair of shoes can still be seen and are a great way to elevate your outfit. Be sure to choose shoes with a decent grip on the soles, as high heels, smooth soles and icy pavements are a recipe for disaster. Also, make sure that any new shoes or boots are roomy enough to wear thick socks with – you may want to size up if not.

Tights Are Your Friend

Tights are a winter staple. Not only will they allow you to continue wearing the skirts and dresses you love without freezing your legs off but tights are also a fantastic way to layer up so you can even wear black tights under trousers for extra warmth on really cold days.

Focus on Fabrics

One way to ensure you stay warm and look good is to choose the types of pieces and cuts you’d normally wear but in more winter-friendly fabrics. By subtly switching up your wardrobe and focusing on fabrics like wool – which is an excellent insulator – along with cosy fabrics like flannel and velvet, you can still create stylish, eye-catching looks without feeling the cold.

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