WATER: City Rooftop

By Shannon Brien

It’s a well known fact that heat rises and with summer well and truly here you will find the hottest places above London. This fabulous but poorly ventilated city is home to some of the best rooftop bars, Queen of Hoxton, Roof Gardens, Sushi Samba and many more hidden gems that haven’t been uncovered…

Until now.

Near my favourite London landmark, the Tower of London, is Skylounge, the roof top bar of the Hilton Double Tree. I arrived on the 30 degree day ready to hashtag the amazing views, food and drink that  were awaiting me, that was until my phone displayed “phone battery low”. Thankfully the concierge came to my rescue and charged my phone and after an hour my instagram followers were not disappointed.

This comfortable indoor and outdoor space on the 12th floor has two outdoor terraces, one of which is home to this summer’s must experience pop-up bar ‘The Nantucket Beach Club. Inspired by Nantucket, New England this relaxing retreat boasts incredible slushies, American style appetisers and a bowling alley, while the other terrace offers spectacular views of the Thames and iconic London landmarks like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the Shard. There are no shortage of comfortable seating and shade creating the perfect setting to unwind after a hard days work or wind up before a night on the town, however, the terrace doesn’t take bookings so get there early to secure the perfect place to watch the sun go down.

Nantucket Beach Club Press Launch

The staff are cocktail connoisseurs recommending the best drinks, my personal favourite was the cocktail of the month; the Sloppy Sloe, which was amazingly refreshing. I also enjoyed the Porn Star Martini and the incredible selection of drinks including Snow Queen Vodka, a vodka so smooth it can be had on the rocks or with lime and soda.

The food was incredible and the perfect amount for summer nibbles. As a guacamole aficionado I had to try it, and happy to say it past the test! The flatbreads were to die for and if you like French fries, as majority of people do, than you must have a serve of the parmesan fries.

The Hilton brand is synonymous with style and sophistication and the Skylounge embodies those core attributes completely. From their fantastic views to incredible beverages and sharing dishes, and ultimately their outstanding staff, this rooftop haven makes the perfect night, whether it’s a date night, hens night or just a few drinks before dinner.

Nantucket Beach Club Press Launch

Hidden from the hustle and bustle of Kingsland Road you’ll find Dalston Roof Park, an urban oasis that has something for everyone; food, craft beers, poetry nights, film screenings and music covering almost every genre. Admission is free to members of the Bootstrap Company and a summer long membership will only set you back £5 with the funds going to support their commitment to improving the local community by supporting start ups and social enterprises as well as providing affordable workspaces and training.

rooftop night

On Saturday and Sunday mornings the rooftop becomes a place to escape the hangover with some tranquil rooftop yoga. And then, of course, it’s time to undo that hard work with a jug of Pimms!

rooftop day

Have you ever been enjoying a film, snuggled up with a blanket and a bucket of pop corn only to find the bucket is now empty and you have over an hour left of screening time? Too many times I have faced this conundrum and been too afraid to leave the cinema to replenish my bucket. At last there’s a place that will offer bottomless popcorn without having to miss out on the action when you go to refill. Every Monday night the Golden Bee is transformed into a rooftop cinema where viewers can relax and unwind with a bucket of popcorn, a cocktail and if it’s cold, a blanket.

Golden Bee-9

Every other night they have happy hour from 5pm-7pm where you can get two for one cocktails and on the weekends Resident DJs bring the best house tunes and club classics.

Golden Bee-18

London’s weather is notoriously unpredictable so when the sun is out make sure you get those guns out and enjoy a glass or two at one of these incredible roof top bars.

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