Water: Flipping Fashion

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Flip Fashion Designer, we know this is not really water related but we utterly love it. From all ages, all styles and all personal tastes, the Flip Fashion Designer book is perfect for all fashion lovers and admirers and its just a whole lot of fun.



We all can’t afford the very highest brands but we can all dream, and with Flip Fashion Designer you can not only dream but create a  combine high fashion garments to create your dream outfit, and re-make them again and again. The book is over flowing with high-end garments from brands like: Balenciaga, Celine, Gucci – Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo and so many more.

Each garment is labeled with what designer and the collection it came from, this allows you to easily find the real garments of shows online and find new inspiration.The best part is that all garments are ready-to-wear so not only are they amazingly beautiful garments but all can create outfits that may actually been seen or worn by someone -Making your dream a reality. There are over 10,000 looks across 42 beautifully strong colour pages. The flip sections allow you to create and re-create outfits with ease and truly let your inner stylist and or designer out.



Each page it beautifully illustrated by Lucille Clerc who is a French Graphic designer who is currently London based. She moved to London after completion of her French degree to  complete a MA in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins so not only is she extremely talented by has a huge range of skills under her belt and Flip Fashion Designer does nothing but showcase her talent.

The Flip Fashion Designer is not only a great fashion book that oozes envy for the designer clothes but also is visually beautiful from Lucille Clerc‘s illustrations but also the typography used throughout the book. We here at Cent cannot stop creating our dream outfits and just overall having fun with flipping fashion.


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