Water: Magical GLOV

By Jo Phillips

This July water is being celebrated in all its glory with GLOV. It’s amazing how many uses there are for a colourless, transparent, unscented, and almost tasteless liquid.  Yet water truly works miracles, and it has surpassed expectations once again.  With GLOV Hydro Demaquillage, makeup can be removed with no chemicals – only water.


There seems to be no way to avoid chemicals in this day in age; they permeate every aspect of people’s lives.  It has reached a point where every product for skin alters its pH in an effort to make it smooth.  However, the highly advanced technology behind GLOV is refreshing in that it is completely chemical-free.  GLOV uses innovative micro and nano technology; GLOV fibers are 100x thinner than a human hair.  This special tissue allows you to remove even the toughest, darkest makeup and mascara with only water.


You would think a product with such inventive technology is very complex, but in reality, using GLOV products could not be easier.  You simply moisten the GLOV with water, gently rub your eyes for a few seconds, use another section of the glove to wipe the makeup off of your face and neck, and voilà!  Your makeup is off.


The cleanup is just as easy as the speedy makeup removal steps are.  Merely handwash the GLOV with bar soap and tap water, then leave it hanging to dry and ready for use the next time you need to take off your makeup in a fast, hassle-free way.


This makeup remover is something that has widespread appeal for other reasons, besides the lack of chemicals. Taking off makeup can be a chore done begrudgingly, since there are many aspects of typical makeup remover that make it unsatisfying; or it can be a short task that refreshes skin with a splash of water.

Many people dislike makeup remover because of the harsh smell of chemicals;  GLOV is odorless and as innocuous as water.

Hypersensitive skin or allergies cause people to avoid makeup remover as well;  GLOV is hypoallergenic and gentle to the most sensitive skin.

Because of the chemicals in makeup remover, skin is often left sticky instead of soft;  GLOV leaves your skin feeling sleek and smooth.

Traveling with a bottle of makeup remover can be impossible, since quite often users wish to bring it with them on the plane and airports prohibit any liquid that isn’t miniscule.  Fortunately, GLOV isn’t a liquid, so there is no need to worry about the 3 ounces limit at airports.  And having limited space in luggage is no excuse either for travelers who don’t wish to bring it with them on the plane but rather in a suitcase, since it is light as a feather and takes up barely any room.

People are always looking for a conservative way to spend money when it comes to beauty products.  GLOV is a lasting product; you can also use GLOV products everyday for 3 months before it needs replacing.  Like a toothbrush, change it when the micro fibers appear worn and fully exploited. Except unlike a toothbrush, GLOV can be used in other ways after the fibers are worn.  For example, it can be used to remove a clay mask.


To fully consider the economic benefits of using GLOV, imagine the cost of traditional makeup remover: The average 150ml bottle of any makeup removing liquid lasts for about 1 month. Combine the cost of the liquid with the cost of all of the cotton pads needed to wipe the makeup off of the eyes, face, and neck, and suddenly, the one seemingly small cotton pad has turned into five.  Not nearly as economical as a reusable product like GLOV.

Besides the fact that water is the base for this makeup remover, another unique aspect of the company is its founders.  The company was founded by two women from Warsaw, Ewa Dudzic and Monika Zochowska.  Phenicoptere ltd. is the name of the production company that creates GLOV, and it is a start-up on the cosmetic industry based in Poland. For their innovative and useful idea, as well as for their intensive business activities, the company was given the Start-Up of The Year award for 2012 in Poland. 

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Water is the most natural, gentle, nourishing, and welcoming substance to our skin.  If it could be harnessed and used as a makeup remover in place of the constant chemicals that bombard skin every day, it would be the most refreshing option – and now this has been accomplished, with GLOV.

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