WATER: Ripples

By Jo Phillips

We are admiring Felix Treadwell’s art work this month. His entrancing illustrations mark the transition into this months theme of ‘Water’ for this July.


Mark Hix and Rebecca Lidert are both proud to present a long awaited solo show by HIX Award 2014 Winner Felix Treadwell at CNB Gallery , entitled “Ripple on a Playground”. With the iconic use of bold outlines and cartoony figures similar to those of Anime, Japanese art influences Felix.

By challenging many different issues such as the growth of technology and how children of this generation are influenced by it,  Treadwell constructs a cartoon character to symbolise obsession with fantasy worlds and fake universes people create on the internet. Online personas are created on platforms such as social media sites and online gaming worlds. He sets to delve into a world synthetic and unknown.


ripple 2

Felix debates and deals with the way the internet has reshaped the growing relationship with the East and West. With the media becoming more accessible,the boundaries between the real world and virtual world have broken down and have become blurred by our existing online presence. He leaves the viewer and audience in a continuous limbo, so they can question if this relationship is good or bad.

This award is a breakthrough for many young inspiring artists like Felix. It’s a chance to leave your mark on the world but importantly, it’s exciting that young artists are being given a chance to flourish in the creative field – usually a difficult world to enter.

Showing from the 9th of July up until the 3rd of august at the CNB gallery, here is more information if you’re interested further.

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