Water: YMC x Stella Artois Cidre

By Jo Phillips

Stella Artois Cidre Le Poolwear 1

The relationship between fashion and water is one which has been much tried, and especially in Britain, well tested. Many of our greatest fashion houses, see Burberry and Aquascutum, started out making raincoats, just think where would fashion be without the famous Burberry trench? So when YMC were challenged to bring to life the spirit of Stella Artois Cidre earlier this summer they decided to create a splashproof tailored jacket and pool-shorts combo! The Le Poolwear features the cool tailored cut of YMC’s jackets and original prints inspired by the new summer flavours of the drink. Say goodbye to that scruffy summer look, poolside just got smart.

Stella Artois Cidre Le Poolwear 8 New

Of the collaboration Jimmy Collins and Fraser Moss, co-founders of YMC, said: “Le Poolwear is an impeccable blend of sartorial skill with continental elegance and practicality. It is destined to be this summer’s trendiest item for all cider connoisseurs. The beautiful and decadent prints mirror the summer trend of co-ord and like our brand identity, You must create your own style, the prints are unique in distinctive designs. Le Poolwear has allowed us to create something bespoke, beautiful and perfect for summer soirees.”

The Le Poolwear suits are available from YMC and for the full story behind the collaboration watch the making of video on our Facebook page.

Stella Artois Cidre Le Poolwear 6 New

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