Ways to Paint

By Akshita Pyla

Have you ever wondered how a brush you picked up this morning to put makeup on your face or the brush you used to paint the walls of your home last weekend can have such a rich history? We all know that it is natural for painters and artists to use brushes as their magic wands to create masterpieces, whether it is on a wall, a paper or even a face. Every stroke of its application creates a whirlpool of beauty and creativity. Find out more here in Ways to Paint.

We might have never noticed a paintbrush but it has been there ever since the beginning of time. Yes, you heard that right, it is as old as the hills.

Well, the very early illustrations of art and language can be dated back to the Paleolithic era about 2.5 million years ago. It is well documented that early homo sapiens painted on the walls of their caves using sticks, leaves, tree needles to create elaborate paintings. It is also believed early humans used animal hair tied to hollow bones as a precursor of a modern paintbrush.

Later in 100 A.D., the Greeks created their first images using raw clay and straws. While, in China, early style brushes were developed, not for painting but for writing complex characters at least 6,000 years ago. Some of their techniques are still used in calligraphy nowadays.

As you can see, for the longest time humans continued to use a variety of tools to demonstrate their art and writings.

So, when exactly did a transition from twigs and animal bones to the modern paintbrushes we see and use today happen?

The early era of developing more well-defined brushes looks like it can be traced back to the early 18th century although there is no definite proof. However, the first interesting depiction of a paintbrush was in the 1500s presented by Peter Bruegel, the most significant artist of the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance. There is a self-portrait of him holding a tool that looks very much like what we see as a modern paintbrush. Eventually, artists and their apprentices took inspiration to make their own paintbrushes with wood and animal hair and gradually the numbers grew by the 1800s.

Hence, the saga of the Paintbrush moves forward in its design and usage. For example, a few years ago perfumer Jo Malone from label Jo Loves invented a way of putting perfume on the skin via a Paintbrush.

This is a contemporary innovation that is made to be travel friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. The packaging is similar to a modern Paintbrush, however, it has a unique twist added to it. A tube of the fragrance is attached to the rear end of the Paintbrush. Its application is effortless, the fragrance gel comes onto the brush while pushing the tube upwards. A stroke from the New Fragrance Paintbrush can be easily painted onto your skin whenever, wherever. The 7 ml refillable cartridge is an added advantage while purchasing this magnificent collection of Fragrances.

There are currently 15 scents available in the Jo Loves Paintbrush Fragrance collection and two more have been added to the story now: Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar and Red Truffle.

So why not embark on this adventure of fragrance?

Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar is an iconic scent that will evoke a feeling of warmth and freshness, much like the fresh crisp air brushing against your skin under blue skies. This perfume’s powerful base notes: Geranium and Grapefruit create a unique experience with its refreshing scent. The vetiver, patchouli and cedar are classic notes that add depth and compliment one another. The intensity of this scent will create an essence that will captivate you. The everlasting glorious fragrance feels like a sky full of limitless opportunities.

This next fragrance is the new Red Truffle fragrance Paintbrush will create an unforgettable experience for you. Its bitter citrus base note creates a tangy sensation. This fiery element blends well with the cool and crisp pine base note that develops a sensual aroma. While the fresh green fig and the truffle contradict these fragrances creating a contemporary scent that will engulf you. This is an ultramodern perfume that unveils its layers subtly yet sharply, making you feel confident when you wear it.

Who knew a Paintbrush would be the perfect gateway towards your fantasy fragrance collection. This eclectic twist to a tool so old, like a paintbrush is a fascination beyond one’s imagination. The latest set of Jo Loves fragrances is a wonder yet to be unfolded.

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