We want Chic and we want Practical

By Jo Phillips

The world of luxury is often dependant on what is exclusive, what is difficult to find and what no one but you owns. For the modern lover of all things quality, there is an increasing pressure to find something that is unique, quirky and practical. People searching for combinations of beauty and use will surely want to check out Bear & Bear; a fun website filled with an array of products including gifts for your home, your husband or for your hikes.

The man on the go, a little bit rakish with a taste for fine clothes and finer coffee, may appreciate the Minipresso NS Portable, a hand powered coffee machine that is, yes, portable. The sleek design allows for compact, sophisticated and easy results.minipresso-capsule-1

Looking for something to do with friends or family? Bear & Bear offers this portable pizza oven by Uuni. The glossy, Scandinavian looking device is perfect for an outing in the park when traditional barbecues are just too much hassle. Not only great for pizza, the oven is also suitable for meat, fish, vegetables and desserts.uuni-20160127-7306

This next product is perfect for the fashionable cyclist. Teetering on the lines of equestrian wear, this bike helmet by Thousand features comfortable vegan straps, a PopLock anti-theft system, a magnetic buckle and multi-vents.thousand_navy_side

This modern and oh-so stylish slow pour kettle by Fellow is for chic coffee buffs. This visually striking addition to your kitchen is not just a pretty product; the brew-range thermometer and counterbalanced handle improve the quality of control and overall experience of drinking coffee.fellow-staggpouroverkettle-copper

Bear & Bear is also interesting for the tech-geeks amongst us. The Tech Dopp Kit by This is Ground is a durable and exquisite leather zip-up organiser perfect for the modern rake. No more will you be searching in your backpack for that tangled phone charger. tech-dopp-kit-e2-80-93-thisisground1-1024x1024

As we are becoming more health conscious in a busy, stressful world, activities such as pilates and yoga are alternatives for those who want to steer clear of the gym environment. The Ultralight Yoga Mat by Yogo is great for those on the move. The hint of the mat’s advantages is in the name; the product is sleek, eco-friendly and light for travellers so you can practise your poses anywhere.yogo_charcoal_1

Interested in what Bear & Bear have to offer? Check out their site here.

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