Wear It Well

By Flora Buckley

The world of scent is growing and growing. It is not just about a nice fragrance we have always worn or a nice home fragrance that greets us when we open our front doors. The offering now is vast allowing a very personal approach. there is something for everyone now, want to smell of burnt twigs trust us there is a perfume for that! want to smell of blood? yes there is one for that too. But our relationship with perfume is a very personal one. Just like what we waer or the tattoo we choose ti says so much of who we are.

Diptyque have set to reinvent how perfume is used; no longer just a scent in a bottle, but an accessory to any outfit, without comprising on its quality. In their Prets a parfumer range, they have launched; Perfumed stickers (think a perfumed tattoo), Perfumed brooch and a Perfumed bracelet, perfect for any outfit or occasion.

The perfumed sticker is the next fashion accessory you’ll all be wanting and certain to be a ‘clear signal that you’re a member of the Diptyque community’. The gothic, baroque decoration is designed so that it can be placed anywhere you want; your ankle, wrist or neck. Made of a mat satin, it can be applied and reapplied as you please and will continue to be released all day long, so no need to reapply. These black satin stickers are referred to by the brand as “mobile diffusers. With each scent comes an accompanying design; a rose for Eau Rose, tuberose for Do Son and a swan for l’Ombre dans l’Eau.

The perfumed bracelet is just as versatile, as it can be wrapped around once, twice or even three times and can be cut to your desired length. The perfume-infused bracelet can be attached and detached at will, thanks to a beautiful gold-plated clasp that spreads its scent whenever you gesture with your hand. Choose from Do Son, Eau Rose or Tam Dao.

The ornate brooch pin adds a touch of elegance with every outfit worn, whilst its perfume makes for the ultimate sophisticated accessory. Just discretely slip into the centre of the brooch a pre-perfumed ceramic disk that generates the lingering fragrance, to compliment the sparkle of the bird’s legs which sway rhythmically. Let this aviary accessory sing to the sound of Do Son, Eau Rose or Fleur de Peau.

The collection also includes perfumed jewellery, a brooch in the shape of a bird priced and a braided-thread ‘friendship’ bracelet. But note that this is in fact not something unheard of.

In historial times perfume was often worn inside jewellery or on items like gloves (which had a terrible stench after having been tanned) were often scented. And as for the lovely little bird with the skinny little legs? The design harks back to the brand’s origins in the ’60s when founders Desmond Knox-Leet and Christiane Gautrot worked with artists Jean-Marc Gady to create bird motifs that decorated the brand’s earliest products.  As is so often with diptyque they always look back to their own heritage before moving forward.

One last but interesting thought to finish with. In many Asian cultures wearing fragrance is considered impolite as it invades other peoples space. With the idea of removable items that contain perfumes, these can work well for those that live in a society where invading other spaces with your scent is frowned upon. This way the choice can be made by the wearer as and when to utlise the scent and take it off in polite society.


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