Wear the Weather

By Oceane Daudon

When it comes to weather, we can all agree that there are some places where there are a lot of sunny days, like Australia or Egypt, and there are some places where sunny days are rare, such as the United Kingdom or Iceland. The dark grey sky makes most people sad, but what if this bad weather was to become slightly better by wearing it? Wouldn’t it be awesome to wear clothes matching the sky and still be brighter than it? Find out more in Wear the Weather.

Images Ruby Phular.

Alexander McQueen the well-known fashion house was founded by the famous, Lee Alexander McQueen in 1992. He also was considered infamous because of all the controversies in his collections. Always pushing boundaries and always challenging the norm McQueen was a fulled rocket of a designer; audacious but beyond talented. Over the years, the popularity of this fashion house kept growing and The Gucci Group decided to buy 51% of the company.

Suddenly, in 2010, Lee Alexander McQueen sadly took his own life, a creative genius whole left a large whole in the fashion industry . This was filled by his then assistant Sarah Burton, Lee’s right hand for 14 years, became the creative director.

She decides to give the label a lighter image, she wants it to be less controversial. Since her arrival at the top, the pieces produced by the fashion house are said to have a “woman’s touch” but this isn’t a bad thing because the brand keeps expanding throughout the world.

You may wonder why we were talking about the label Alexander McQueen while we were supposed to talk about the weather. This is because of the spring/summer 2022 collection imagined by the fashion house. In this collection, you will find clothes that make you think of a bright sky with a few clouds. But there are a few pieces that we need to take a closer look at to understand how amazing they are. Those pieces are embroidered.

When we look at them, we can see that those embroideries are made of beads and crystals are shaped like rain drops or chandeliers. Those rain drops can make us think about a dark grey sky pouring big drops on you while you wander in a London street, humming your favourite song of the moment.

This would have ruined your day. But the raindrops on these beautiful pieces also make us think of tiny suns, reflecting the natural light of the big star. Even when the sky is dark, they are glowing, sparkling, they lighten up your mood bringing brightness and happiness.

There is also something really particularly exquisite with all the embroidered pieces; they are all crafted by hand. And even if it is hand-made, you won’t notice any difference in the clothes. For each garment, paper artworks are placed on top to make sure that there wouldn’t be any mistake made while embroidering the final piece of clothes.

Image Ruby Phular

Once every paper artwork was in place, the embroiderers took swatches of embroidery and pinned them on the clothes replacing the paper artworks.

For some clothes, the embroidery swatches, such as the rain drops patterns, were placed by hand during the fittings to fit perfectly to model and outfit.

Craft is one of the greatest gifts for the fashion designer. To sew on hand by hand crystal beading is an intensive and sublime craft. one that elevates the designs to another level and raises our sprits too on a rainy day.

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