WEAVE: 400 Years of Shakespeare

By Leah Sinclair


To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, British artist Mark Vessey has created a vast physical representation of the literary hero’s work.

Weaving together highlights of Shakespeare’s career; from Othello to Edward II, Vessey does we he does best creating an ongoing body of work and taking inspiration from the iconic play writer, actor and poet.

Vessey is known for creating works of art inspired by collections of everyday objects, from the ground-breaking pages of the The Face, to the equally controversial Playboy, and contemporary magazines like Attitude.


Inspired by the likes of Nan Goldin, Andy Warhol and American pop culture, Vessey uses his artwork to explore the many facets that only a collector would. He showcases elements of order, structure and organisation, and all while neatly stacked in a visually perfect image.




Mark Vessey William Shakespeare will be available from early October.
Fuji Archival Print 40cm x 80cm edition of 50.  
£295 unframed and £415 in a black box frame with true view glass.
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