WEAVE: Documenting History

By Leah Sinclair


The lengthy and inspirational history of the Heritage museum has been documented into a two volume publication, which marks the 250th anniversary of this legendary and iconic museum.

Delving into the various strands of history, weaving from one chapter to another, ‘The State Hermitage: Treasures from the Museum’s Collections,’ explores the art history of Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines and more, giving the reader a facsinating insight into a wealth of information accumulated over the years.

The publication is published by Edward Booth-Clibborn, who spent years collating these stories, which features commentary from over 100 Hermitage collators, and reveals works  from pre-history to the 20th century, and Scythian art to Picasso. 


The State Hermitage: Treasures from the Museum’s Collections will be available to purchase from December 2014.


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