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By Jo Phillips

4 Reasons Why Simple Web Designs Are Better at Converting

Whenever you are designing a commercial website, the one thing you always need to keep in mind is that the competition is fierce out there. No matter how narrow your market, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors selling the same types of products, and some may even be able to sell them cheaper than you can. You will quickly learn that price isn’t everything, although it is important.

What matters most is being able to keep your visitors around long enough to convert them. If they like what they see, they may never bother to look elsewhere. Professionals such as those found at Web design West Midlands Currant Web have learned that sometimes all it takes is simplicity. These are just four reasons why simple web designs are better at converting – and that, after all is what you are after, isn’t it?

1. People Aren’t Here to Work

Websites which are too busy make people work for what they are looking for. Remember, they aren’t here to work, they obviously want something you have to offer. Don’t make them think too much or go off searching for what it is they expected to find. Keep your design refreshingly simple so that someone landing on your site from the search results can quickly spot what they are looking for.

Visitors may need to click through to other pages, but that is good! The longer they stay on your site and the more pages they visit, the higher Google will rank you. Now, that higher rank will make it easier for others to find you, and so it goes.

2. Content Can Be Easily Showcased

The simpler your design, the easier it is to showcase other products and services. Sometimes visitors land on your site because they are interested in a product they searched for, but a clean design allows for a few other products to be showcased without being too busy.

Content can be in the form of images or text, but if it’s showcased in a simple design, visitors may click through to see what it’s all about. Catchy blog titles work extremely well if that’s all you give them on the current page! Keep titles intriguing and you will engage your audience.

3. Simple Web Designs Can Be Quickly Scanned

Some websites are so congested that it takes minutes to find what the visitor was promised when clicking through. Few people have the patience to hunt and search, so please give them what they came for with a quick and simple scan. In the process, their eyes may catch something else of interest, but today’s consumer wants instant gratification. They want to see what they came for, even if they end up buying something else. Don’t lose them in a maze of images and words. Keep your web design simple and to the point.

4. Simple Designs Can Be Easily Updated

Finally, it is doubtful that you will always have the same products or services for the life of your business. With advances in technology and as trends go through cycles, you will be adding or changing products over time. A simple web design is easy to change as the need arises without ruining the effect of the entire page.

After having developed websites for major companies around the globe, web design West Midlands experts know that simplicity is usually the key to conversion. If visitors can find what they came for quickly, they will be impressed. Too many websites make them work and they haven’t come here to work, they came here to shop. Give them what they want quickly and watch as your sales grow exponentially. The easier it is for them to find what they want, the easier it will be to make the sale – and that’s a fact.

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