Webbed; Bees in the Garden

By Jo Phillips

The Garden in the city this time is Covent Garden; bang in the middle of the busiest of busy city spaces, Londons Covent Garden.  What used to be the vegetable and flower market for the whole of the city was turned into a destination shopping and eating arena slap bang in the middle of central London during the 1980’s.  But today (and until Saturday) there is a small echo to its green past that has popped up in this most metropolitan of destinations.

The brilliant and (literally life-saving brand)  Burt’s Bees ® have partnered with Graffiti Life and The Dirty Fingers Club to create an immersive installation that lets visitors experience the power of nature in the heart of the city. The giant painted scape of a waterfall sounded by plants and flowers is an optical illusion and once peeked at through the mocked-up Instagram outline the installation comes alive.

Nature Takes Over Covent Garden in Burt's Bees' Installation

This interactive event is in celebration of all things natural which is very much at the core of Burts bees as a brand,  even from their very humble beginnings Initially, a honey maker (literally called Burt) used the was wax from his hives to make lip balms.  A naturally occurring salvaged by-product of his honey Burt went on to build one of the first ethical beauty brands.  For example, their tinted lip balms are 100% natural in origin.

As it’s now getting hotter we may not necessarily think about our lips needing to be conditioned because we are not suffering those sore chapped lips of winter.  However, with the proliferation of Matt stay on lipstick which dry lips terribly, a lip treatment will save those kissing tools,  so give them some much-needed love and affection.

Don’t be afraid in high summer to try some lip-care by starting with  Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub which gently exfoliates and conditions dry lips with oils and exfoliating honey crystals, leaving them smooth and soft. The honey crystals gently buff away rough, dry skin while nutrient-rich, responsibly sourced Beeswax conditions and hydrates lips.  Match it up with the  Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment is made with  100% natural Ceramide oils which are found naturally in your skin and are necessary for maintaining your skin’s barrier that protects from dryness and environmental irritants. 

Now this most sensuous part of the face is softened it’s truly ready for a lip colour.  Why not try one of the six colours from the  100% natural tinted lip balms. from Burts Bees. ® Giving a gentle hint of tone and colour they will nourish lips at the same time and bringing colour to the face, in a subtle natural way.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm Group Shot


Nature can interlink with our city life and we can make the world a better place, (every little effort makes a difference) and so the hashtags #BeATrueForceOfNature, and  @BurtsBeesUK are the key to this installation reminding us the importance of looking after nature.  When visitors see and snap the installation with the inclusion of the hastags means they will receive a full-size Tinted Lip Balm and will also be in for a chance in winning one of four glamping experiences with Canopy & Stars.

And just to finish the project off in an appropriate way at the end all the plants used within the piece won’t go to waste as they are being donated to the Soup Kitchen a charity that has a planting workshop as part of a mental wellness initiative.

Location: Royal Opera House Arcade, Covent Garden, London
Date: Thursday 27th June – Saturday 29th June


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