Webbed; I Am Diverge

By Jo Phillips

There is a spring in my step…always is when I have new footwear. Mine are high-top; a splash of green fluoro on the soul and bright white on the top with my laces being green fluoro bringing my soul and top together. Quitely written on the back.. I am .Cent.. discreet..yet I know it is there and that makes me even more happy than the fact that I personalized these shoes.  I am connected to the earth but bounce from sheer joy.

I feel high because there is nothing like being the I, in DiVERGE, nothing like creating something that is all me, all over, all created with a click of a few buttons that help me stand out, that emphasis my individuality, that hints at the world around just who I am!

I am wearing my new DiVERGE sneakers. I wish I could take full credit for these uplifting pieces of rubber and leather on my feet, I can’t. The idea of customised sneaker (although they have been around for a while from other brands, they are difficult to really get your hands on) came from them. I simply went online and played for five minutes to choose the version I wanted and bingo, I got an email to let me know these high tops are being made especially for me under my own directed design. Simple happiness.



It’s really straight forward, a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and to create with. DiVERGE as an online portal that delivers original, handmade and customisable sneakers made with the added option for each customer to choose there own colours and fabrics from the choices on offer.


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Starting from a white canvas from one of four styles (a fifth one is being added soon) co-create your own quality sneakers to match your own style and personality.

DiVERGE uses only premium materials in its proprietary customization process. and has sourced premium materials from Portugal and Italy – from the rubber soles to the different types of leather and textiles. Those high standards are retained as sustainable and recycled materials are introduced into the range. Both Portugal and Italy are famous destinations for both the craft of shoemaking and also for the highest standards in materials.

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DiVERGE is the only sneaker brand in the market that focuses exclusively on customer preferences. This commitment is expressed by the brand through its symbol (the i in DiVERGE) which can even be filled by you with something personal in the customisation process, making each pair of sneakers truly unique.

DiVERGE affordable luxury; made to order by you and for you.
Prices from £150 Available at  diverge-sneakers.com

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