‘Welcome to London’ A Creative Collaboration by Student; Explore here

By Jo Phillips

BAJ’s BA (Hons) Jewellery Design and Production ‘Welcome to London’ project goes beyond conventional boundaries, celebrating creativity, collaboration, and sustainable design. Jewellery Design and Production students took part in an exciting project titled ‘Welcome To London’ that involved creative design, sustainable materials, and drawing inspiration from London’s surroundings.

As an introductory project, the students were tasked with working in teams to create large wearable sculptural pieces made from sustainable materials. As ) explains,

“Students work in small groups to find a hidden treasure, unspoken hero or interesting ‘thing’ in or around London Euston station, close to the BA campus. This gives the group a chance to get to know each other and explore the local area.”

Hollie Paxton (Year One Lead – BA (Hons) Jewellery Design & Production

Throughout their degree, BA students undergo rigorous practical training, honing their technical skills in jewellery manufacturing and production. This foundational knowledge equips them to challenge the concept of traditional jewellery making, allowing for the seamless integration of creativity and craftsmanship in their projects.

The ‘Welcome to London’ project serves as a platform for students to showcase their design and manufacturing skills in novel and innovative ways. The dual focus on creativity and sustainability establishes a ground for students to craft wearable pieces that not only highlight their technical ability and innovative thinking but also actively contribute to a more environmentally conscious approach to design.

Students utilised their manufacturing skills to manipulate unconventional materials and challenge the traditional notions of materiality. Items such as discarded train tickets and used packaging found new life as elements of sculptural jewellery pieces.

We decided to use discarded train tickets which would have normally been thrown into landfill. Over a thousand tickets were cut and stuck onto both sides of the headpiece.We wanted to create a piece which forces the wearer to look up and out to the world around them. When wearing this, you physically can’t use your phone.”

Student Alana Sweet explained the process behind their TFL ticket piece

This sustainable approach adds depth and meaning to their creations, aligning with eco-conscious values.

This project encouraged the students to think creatively, collaborate with their peers, and uniquely conceptualise the unseen, resulting in captivating pieces that redefined the boundaries of their craft. This project stands as a testament to the multifaceted education provided by BAJ and equips the BA students with a well-rounded base of knowledge to expand upon as they continue their degree.

Do you want to be a part of this next generation of creators? BAJ is now accepting applications for September 2024 entry – click here to find more information on the course and how to apply.

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