Wellness Bliss

By Jo Phillips

Nature and Nurture are words put together for obvious reasons, nature will physically feed us as well as giving its gifts freely to nurture us. A zesty grapefruit may be delicious to eat but it offers so much more than that, a cup of chamomile tea soothes as we drink it but we also know it aids good rest and sleep and has a calming effect on our minds bodies and souls. Mother nature gives with intensity to ensure we eat rest and play to our very best. Read more in Wellness Bliss.

Elements from nature when used and combined in the right way can bring us the soothing and powerful elements needed to rest better and have a good night’s sleep. The Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask Delicate Chamomile is one of these items, made to harness the sparkling magic of nightfall. With a calming scent of chamomile, the Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask is delicate yet impactful as it heats up and encourages the face, and then the mind, to relax and unwind.

The soft clouds close into a blissful universe and the day is drawn to a close. The nocturnal eyes of amethyst gemstone bring sleep through their majestic gaze. This Aurora Eyes Mask is also a wonderful way to transition from nighttime into the beauty of the morning, filling your space with hope and gratitude as you wake up, centre and calm you. It is ideal for headaches or for times when something light and soothing is needed.

Leveraging the intensity and dynamic powers of natural essential oils to bring calmness and wellness bliss is Subtle Energies’ Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches which mark a brand new innovation within the realm of aromatherapy. These are ideal to wear just before sleep or to unwind at the end of the day as the potent aromatic scents release slowly over time to create a floral dream around you.

This can be combined with the potent yet purposefully gentle The Organic Pharmacy’s formulas Immune Boost Night and Immune Boost Day. We can experience intense rejuvenation and have a blissful health boost all round the clock. Indeed, relaxation can be greatly improved throughout the night with the Immune Boost Night version aimed at aiding your night’s sleep with its German chamomile, California poppy and Lemon balm leaf extract ingredients to bring the calmness of nature. The Immune Boost Day capsules combine the four most essential vitamins together to improve your immunity and general well-being throughout the day.

Help us to unwind at the end of the day is Legology’s signature scent Bougie Parfumee Holiday-at-Home which integrates an abundance of the sweet and lightness from nature in an intense combination of fizzing aldehydes, citrus notes of lime, bergamot, Amalfi lemon and grapefruit alongside rose and jasmine florals and lingering notes of woods, amber, moss and musk. Drawing our focus into the present moment, creating wellness bliss and a relaxing and indulgent environment in your own room.

The epitome of elegance, celebrating the female form with a vibrant red and glossy style, Anastasia Kermiche’s exclusive Breast Friend Vase in Red, available from The Conran Store creates an intensely charming environment in any room.

Expressive, charming and intriguing sculptures from Designer Aman Khanna’s Over Expressive Clayman Sculpture range, sold exclusively at The Conran Shop, are beautiful representations of the varying degrees of human emotion. Engaging with the deep, the inquisitive and the fun, these Sculptures each seem to have a unique personality and mood, from mouth-wide-open shocked expression to an afraid or intrigued stare, these are as unique as the individual.

As well as bringing deeper and more invigorating sleep, nature can protect, heal and improve the health of our skin and bring the glow and vitality from the life force of nature into our pours. Wo have created a series of essences designed to powerfully bring what is needed to the skin, with each colour and type of Power TonIQ offering transformative and unique combinations from nature.

These come in four different colours, yellow, blue and pink and light green, yet the full range has many different unique blends within the same colour. Indeed, there are three different blends that come in yellow; there is the Dark Spot Correcting Essence, Skin Tone Brightening Essence and Instant Radiance Boosting Essence: different skin types and needs are celebrated and recognised. The Full Range is available Here, so you can choose the TonIQ most suited for your skin.

New from Kat Burki Skincare, a trendsetting beauty and skincare line powered by Nutritional Science, are three new products for the skin each designed to bring unparalleled wellness bliss in unique ways. Kat Burki’s Calming Cleansing Gel brightens and soothes the skin, being especially good then for sensitive skin, removing impurities with its unifying blend of over 92 skin invigorating Ocean Minerals.

The second skincare product is Kat Burki’s Dual Exfoliating Clay is a multilayered sensory experience that has two phases for what it does to the skin; the first phase is exfoliation which is performed with the textures of cranberry fibres and hibiscus petals. Then, interlacing this motion with the nutrition and hydration of kaolin clay, the second phase is entered of removing impurities of the skin and cellular debris.

The third of Kat Burki’s new skincare product is the Vital Hydration Blast is specifically formulated for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin for a complete Vitamin-B rejuvenation to make your skin feel recovered and hydrated. Skin lacking in Vitamin-B can feel cracked and dry so this hydration blast brings a powerful targeted treatment to be used in the morning or night to be gently massaged into the skin.

So Far So Smooth Body Oil from Superfluid is an optimally hydrating body oil to hydrate the skin, another step towards looking after your skin and yourself. With its integration of several oils from hemp, jojoba, almond and blueberry, it brings out the most hydrating elements of these natural ingredients. The oils penetrate layers of the skin in record time, as oils bring out the natural moisture of the skin and help to bolster vitality so this celebration and dance of several oils mark a unique skin formula.

Detoxing the skin is a step to feeling purer and more refreshed and Detox Body Oil from The Organic Pharmacy celebrates the power of oils from simple yet life-giving natural ingredients. Carrot, grapefruit, juniper and rosemary are the pillars of this body oil, coming together to release moisture for glowing and replenished skin. This is ideal to add to your bath ritual as you can truly relax as your skin becomes deeply nourished and toxins are removed.

Continuing to harness nature’s capabilities to bring radiance to the skin, The Organic Pharmacy’s Self Tan is made from 80% organic ingredients to bring out the natural purity of your skin. You will take on a natural and even tan whilst your skin is supple, smooth and beautifully hydrated, leaving you feeling replenished, natural, clean and glowing.

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