What a Lovely Bunch

By Imogen Hart

Why limit yourself to a signature fragrance when you can have the pick of the bunch? Everyone can delight in having a perfume wardrobe, can explore the delights of a particular facet or ingredient they adore. There are many a takes – on say – florals, if that is your thing.

Divine French perfumers Diptyque have done just this. By exploring some of their key floral juices, they have reimagined the visual interpretation as a feast for the eyes, not just the nose.

Collaborating with digital floral artist Bas Meeuws, Diptyque Paris have introduced an exclusive line of six limited edition ‘Impossible Bouquets’ perfumes. Each fragrance is inspired by a different aspect of horticulture from around the world, making every fragrance unique with a breath-taking freshness, which is guaranteed to make a great impression.

Blending artistry into perfumery makes the Impossible Bouquets line undoubtedly unique, from the packaging to the scents; the collection is a work of art.


With notes of wisteria, jasmine and honeysuckle, this fragrance was inspired by Venetian gardens. The array of floral scents coincides in order to create a fresh and delicate fragrance. 


The captivating smell of rose is expressed in all of its forms within this dreamy fragrance. Including rose petals, rose stem, and rose buds, this perfume puts a spin on the commonly used rose scent, creating a unique and full fragrance, which is bound to turn heads. 


Packed with zest, the Eau de Sens fragrance combines the branches, fruit and leaves of a bitter orange tree, creating an enchanting citrusy scent. This perfume is incredibly unique and is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Eau Des Sens is a vibrant fragrance, which will lift your mood and leave you feeling instantly refreshed. 


This perfume is inspired by blackcurrant berries, leaves and buds, which combine with the freshness of rose, in order to create a charmingly calm scent. L’ombre Dans l’Eau will immerse you into tranquillity through the undertone of rose, with a hint of berry, to maintain a refreshing aroma. 


Inspired by the native flower of Moheli, this perfume is centred around the spicy scent of the ylang-ylang flower. Eau Moheli has a slightly woody undertone, which combines with the ylang-ylang, generating a tropical and distinct scent.


Transporting you to Indochina, this coastal scent includes notes of tuberoses and sea breeze, creating a fresh, heady and delicate scent unlike any other. 

Originally located on Boulevard St-Germain in Paris, Diptyque Paris was founded by Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet. Their friendship was initially built on their shared passion for creativity.

Opening in Paris, with the plan to follow their intuition and their hearts in this business venture, allowed their boutique to flourish into the sumptuous brand that it is today. 


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