Where to Find the Best Concerts in London

By Jo Phillips

Music is one of the most popular reasons people head to London. Being a prominent capital and a cultural centre, London hosts countless concerts, music festivals, world icons, and music-related events. Whether you’re heading to London soon or are currently in the city and are interested in attending a few performances, this list of venues is definitely worth checking out.

The O2

The O2 Arena without a doubt deserves the first mention in this article. Standing as one of the world’s most renowned arenas, The O2 has seen more than its fair share of celebrity performers and world icons. Needless to say, it’s the best place you can find a concert or a performance by any of your favourite artists. The best part is, on the venue’s website, you can find a list of events for over a year ahead with tickets just a few clicks away.

While the venue can accommodate over 20,000 people, it’s crucial to book a ticket as soon as you can, especially if the artist you want to see is a world-famous star, like Travis Scott, Drake, or Kendrick Lamar. Given that the arena is massive, your chances of finding a good spot at a suitable price are decent, but you won’t have as much luck the more you procrastinate.

Tape London

Tape London is one of the most exclusive clubs in London, it’s also one of the city’s most famous celebrity hotspots. Most of the time, hip-hop artists and celebrities partying at The O2 book themselves a Tape London table so they can party afterwards. These celebrities include Travis Scott, Drake, Chris Brown, J Cole, Jason Derulo, and a few more artists. The club allows a limited number of table bookings on their floor and VIP sections each night. Of course, if you want to party at the club, it’s important to get a table as early as you can.

In addition to partying at Tape London, celebrities also often come to perform at the club. Unlike regular performances where the artist is performing to a massive crowd, nightclub performances are always something special. Keep in mind, the club houses about 300 people which means it’s more of a private performance than a concert. Celebrities aside, Tape is also famous for its elegant bottle shows and the international, sophisticated crowd – Mayfair’s socialites and the elite.

Royal Albert Hall

Nothing says classic like The Royal Albert Hall, a long-standing icon that holds so much history between its walls. From Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill to Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, and Jay-Z, the venue has hosted a large number of influential figures. Nowadays, while you may not catch your favourite rapper there, you’ll find your classic rock artists and pop icons, like Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, and Dave Matthews. The Royal Albert Hall stage also hosts orchestras and classical music performances, so if you’re in the mood for classical music, you won’t regret attending a performance at the venue. It’s also particularly fun if you’re there in the summer, as that’s when they host The Proms – their annual summer festival. It’s a celebration dedicated to classical music where like-minded individuals gather to attend a showcase organised by the venue.

Aside from the performances, The Royal Albert Hall is a sight to behold both from the outside and the inside. Even if you’re not into the music, we suggest paying a visit to Kensington Gore, South Kensington, London SW7 2AP, UK. Especially if you’re into architecture, you won’t regret taking a gander at the magnificent structure.

Eventim Apollo

Eventim Apollo, previously known as the Hammersmith Apollo, was originally built as a cinema before it became one of the most famous concert venues in London. The Eventim Apollo has hosted iconic artists, like The Beatles, Queen, and David Bowie. Nowadays, you can still find many world-renowned artists, like 6lack, Sam Tompkins, Omah Lay, and Bakar.

As with The O2, you can also book a ticket ahead of time via the Eventim Apollo website, and it’s best if you do so as early as you can. That way, you can guarantee a good spot for the performance you’re interested in attending.

As you can see, London’s concert scene is quite diverse and very elegant of course. Not only are you guaranteed to find a concert that aligns with your musical taste, but also a venue that matches the vibe and energy you’re looking to immerse yourself in. Remember, regardless of the venue you’d like to visit, it’s important to make a booking ahead of time to avoid any disappointments or compromising your experience because you couldn’t find the perfect seats.

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