Whispers of Seasons; A Love Story with Your Skin

By Mansi Golaniya

In the enchanting ballet of the seasons, our skin becomes the protagonist, dancing to the melody of nature’s ever-shifting orchestration. With each seasonal transformation, it seeks a bespoke tale of care and affection, adapting to the whims and whispers of the elements.

During the sun-soaked days of summer, our skincare routine needs a lighter tune. We delicately sweep away the day’s remnants with cleansers and embrace the soft whispers of lightweight moisturizers, ensuring hydration without burden. Yes, we slather with SPF as the feeling of the sun on the skin is great, but the damage caused is not.

Even when the sun is not very strong or seems to hide, sunscreen still shields our skin from its sneaky but powerful rays.

As winter’s frosty touch nears, our skin seeks solace and protection. Our skincare symphony transforms, out goes lightness of touch, and in comes opulent moisturizers to cocoon our skin.

Transitioning your skincare routine from summer to winter means embracing richer moisturizers, and gentle cleansers. Let this skincare narrative be a love letter to your skin’s hydration needs, as it protects from the elements ensuring its eternal radiance and beauty.

Skincare extends far beyond the products we apply; it’s a holistic regimen that encompasses various practices contributing to radiant skin. Alongside daily cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection, hydration from within through ample water intake and a nourishing diet rich in antioxidants play a pivotal role.

Consistency in routine, tailored to individual skin types, ensures optimal results. Additionally, embracing seasonal adjustments in skincare routines and being mindful of sun protection beyond sunscreen are integral aspects of maintaining skin vitality. Ultimately, finding the right balance in skincare practices, patch testing new products, and adopting a less-is-more approach fosters a harmonious relationship with our skin, cultivating its health and radiance.

The winter weather with its harsh winds, freezing temperatures, and constant rain is not the only issue. We live in unnaturally heated homes that dry the very natural oil of skin needs to survive. So the combination of harsh weather and drying heating means special care is needed.

In this captivating dance of seasons, let your skincare routine echo a tender sonnet in the enduring love story you craft with your beloved skin. Here are a few divine products to safeguarding your complexion in a veil of nourishing moisture:

Photos by Sangeetha Sadasivan

Byoma Moisutrizing Gel Cream an oil-free, lightweight daily moisturizer with a gel-cream texture hydrates and softens skin, blending Tri-Ceramide Complex, niacinamide, and green tea for a strengthened skin barrier and reduced redness. It is suitable for all skin types.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Acid Cream helps regenerate the skin, maintain its level of hydration and repair damage caused by water loss.

Photos by Sangeetha Sadasivan

Experience the luxury of AMEŌN Holy Cream Diamond Moisturizer – a rich, hydrating blend of Diamond Powder and Edelweiss Leaf Extract that restores skin’s youthful glow, while Sodium Hyaluronate deeply moisturizes, leaving skin soft, supple, and radiant with continued use.

Kat’s Burki daily moisturizer is a powerhouse with 15% STAY C, reishi mushroom, and KB5™ Complex, offering skin defense against aging and toxins while promoting radiance.

Sarah Chapman Dynamic Defence Day Cream SPF 15 fights early signs of aging, promotes healthy skin, and unveils a radiant complexion. Its innovative SPF 15 formula with UVA/UVB filters shields against oxidative stress and UV-induced damage for enhanced skin defense.

Sarah Champan’s London Icon Day cream with SPF 20 includes Smartsome™ technology, blending X50³ drone delivery, vitamin A2, blue light defenders, radiance enhancers, and hyaluronic hydrators for a radiant Skinesis glow.

Whispers of Seasons; A Love Story with Your Skin

Photos by Sangeetha Sadasivan

The Skin Geek™ Hydra Boost Face Mask, previously the Hydra Gel Mask, provides deep hydration and rejuvenation with potent humectants, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants in a perfectly fitting split design.

The Skin Geek™ Salicylic Acid Cleansing purifies, exfoliates, and soothes skin with Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Licorice Root, and Green Tea Extracts, perfect for oily or congested skin, now with 2% Salicylic Acid.

Whispers of Seasons; A Love Story with Your Skin

Photos by Sangeetha Sadasivan

Rosalique 3 in 1 anti redness SPF is crafted for sensitive, redness-prone skin, yet suitable for anyone seeking an even, radiant complexion. Its Triple Action Effect swiftly conceals redness using innovative green microcapsule technology, gently treats with 5 natural anti-inflammatory actives, and ensures long-term protection from UVA & UVB rays with a 5-star SPF50.

Photo by Sangeetha Sadasivan

LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream: Offers powerful hydration with patented hydro-ionized mineral water, ideal for maintaining hydration levels in dry skin. Contains hydrating vitamins and minerals, leaving the skin soft and radiant.

LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel: Ultra-light gel that relieves and decongests tired eyes. Provides long-lasting hydration with hydro-ionized mineral water, prevents dehydration, and reduces under-eye puffiness.

LANEIGE Blue Hyaluronic Cleansing Foam: Features micro-sized Blue Hyaluronic Acid for powerful hydration during cleansing. Contains cellulose capsules and papain enzyme for gentle exfoliation, removing makeup residue while leaving the skin smooth and soft.

LANEIGE Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer: A hybrid tonic lotion that combines toner and cream benefits. It prepares, softens, and protects the skin while intensely hydrating like a cream. Contains White Tea Water™ known for moisturizing and soothing properties, suitable for sensitive and drier skin types.

Photo by Sangeetha Sadasivan

Prof. Dr. Volker Steinkraus, a leading figure in dermatology and the founder of Dermatologikum Hamburg, is not only dedicated to skincare but also deeply passionate about environmental conservation. Their skincare line, Prof. Dr. Steinkraus, supports the restoration of endangered moorlands by donating €1 from each product sale to the Association for Nature Conservation Park Foundation (VNP).

This initiative aims to revitalize 300 hectares of threatened moorland in the Lüneburg Heath nature reserve. Their skincare philosophy revolves around natural ingredients, acknowledging the profound impact of environmental factors on skin health.

Committed to sustainability, they actively reduce their CO2 footprint, collaborate with ClimatePartner for carbon offsetting, and prioritize eco-friendly packaging materials. Prof. Dr. Steinkraus epitomizes responsibility, blending dermatology expertise with a profound commitment to a greener, more sustainable future, one skincare product at a time.

Prof. Dr. Steinkraus HYALURON Serum Concentrate: A highly concentrated serum containing 2.5% hyaluron with three molecular sizes, along with arginine, heather, and rye extract. Provides deep hydration, reduces irritation, and promotes a plump skin sensation

Prof. Dr. SteinkrausVitamin A Serum: An anti-aging serum featuring vitamin A, squalane, and shea butter. Aids in smoothing the skin and stimulating collagen production, inhibiting enzymes that break down collagen for a more voluminous and toned appearance.

Prof. Dr. Steinkraus Vitamin C Serum: Contains vitamin C, glycerin, and jojoba oil. Encapsulated for stability, this serum supports collagen biosynthesis, firms the skin, reorganizes the skin matrix, and promotes a refined complexion.

Prof. Dr. Steinkraus Eye Care: Enriched with niacin, hyaluronic acid, squalane, argan oil, shea butter, heather, and rye extract. Restructures and smoothens the delicate eye area, providing freshness, elasticity, and vitality, rejuvenating and enhancing youthful radiance.

Prof. Dr. Steinkraus Universal Face Care: Formulated with squalane, ceramides, heather, and rye extract, this oil-in-water emulsion offers universal care for normal, sensitive, mature, and combination skin types. It balances the skin, strengthens the natural barrier, and promotes healthy, revitalized, and radiant skin.

Embrace these winter skincare essentials as your symphony of self-care. With each hydrating touch, let your skin revel in resilience and radiance throughout the enchanting winter. Flourish within the season’s embrace, nurturing a well-nourished complexion that thrives, ensuring beauty and vitality even amidst the chill.

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