William Burroughs Event: The Final Academy

By Jo Phillips


30 years ago, the Beat poet William Burroughs came to London and starred in a unique event called The Final Academy. A pioneer in spoken word performances throughout his whole career, in that occasion the writer read his work together with contributions by Brion Gysin, 23 Skidoo and Psychic TV.

To mark the anniversary of that night, on the 27th of October film director and William Burrough aficionado Joe Ambrose is organising another ‘Final Academy’ at The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury: this time the event will feature a documentary-movie about Burroughs titled ‘Words of Advice: On the Road with William Burroughs’, a video installation by Raymond Salvatore Harmon with music by Philippe Petit, photography by Gerrard Malanga (a personal friend of Burroughs’)and – for the sake of continuity – a spoken word performance by electronic musician Scanner.

The event will start at 19,30 at The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury London WC1N 1JD. Tickets in advance are 7£. For more info click here

Words by Chiara Rimella


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