Wind on Skin

By Jo Phillips

Two lover know, that touch, that electricity those sparks. The intensity of skin on skin creamy warm and loving. A subtle intimate connection, one that is hard to understand had you never been there but there is a way ti get a glimpse of it. the latest fragrance from Creed Wind Flower almost feels like a bottle of sensuality, caught in the flacon two loves entwined; soft floral and encasing like two lovers in a sensual embrace. Find out more in Wind on Skin Here

Have you ever experienced the joy of watching a couple of classical ballet dancers perform a love duet to each other? Gentle soft touches, caresses, lifts and twirls; a motion display of love and sensuality. Often draped in silkiest flowing fabrics the tone of skin, brings together with the music a crescendo of intimacy.

Master Perfumer Olivier Creed was inspired by a dancer’s flowing movement through the air for the newest scent from Creed called Wind Flowers.

Floating notes open to bring a lightness of touch in a safe pair of hands (or nose) find jasmine wrapped with orange blossom and soft fuzzy sweat fruity peach. softly the notes engulf.

The power of a lover dancing comes in the middle of this nectar (and it is a nectar) find a burst of floral with a fruity Jasmine Sambac sultry, sexy Tuberose and the queen of florals; roses.

The finishing flourish of the dances highpoint and that pinnacle of scent comes from crest of the dances performance; intertwined. Think heat, warmth, skin on skin; sandalwood mulled with powdery iris sexy musk, with a bright spark of orange blossom and creamy praline settles on the skin.

Fragrance as we know possesses a distinct power to captivate the mind and enchant the senses, For this new perfume, interestingly Creed looked to Principal Ballet Dancer, Lauren Cuthbertson as the muse to express the story of the elixir.

Lauren revealed to Creed that her practice of using the poetry of perfumes helped embody her characters on stage.

Scent puts me right in that time and place. It hits me harder than any costume change or prop can… Discussing my character in terms of perfume forces me to articulate and understand the role in a way I wouldn’t have to normally

– Lauren Cuthbertson, Principal Ballet Dancer –

Ultimately this would be described as A dusky, floral and luminous scent. Hidden inside the strength of movement a feel of lightness, of air and joy and ultimately a feeling of the intimacy of lovers. On the surface a soft sweet floral but this perfumes carries the very power of a dancer and ultimately the full on power of the feminine.

To find out more about the scent Wind Flowers, please visit Creed Here and find out more about the House here at

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