Women In Mind

By Bella Pallett

It is already eight in the morning and the smell of burning toast fills the kitchen. Running late again! And how did that shoe find its way under the sofa? Finally, outside and dressed but not really ready for the working day, she screams when the rain begins to pour. She would have to run back and grab an umbrella but it is too late. Rummaging in her handbag she feels for a scarf but instead catches her new perfume with her hand. She quickly sprays it on the base of her neck, feeling the cooling sensation of it settling into her skin. It stops her emotionally for just a fraction of a second, suddenly the day feels alright. Introducing the new fragrance line by successful brand Women In Mind. Here to help you feel empowered and in control, regardless of how intense your day-to-day is. Find out more in Women in Mind here.

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A million miles away in a different time zone, New York, a car screeches to a halt and swerves into a free parking space. A woman inside the car, one hand holding her phone up to her ear, the other motioning wildly as she tries to convey her point.  She quickly reapplies her lipstick and sprays a perfume behind each ear, then opening the car door she steps out into the New York sun.

We live wildly busy lives with little or no time to ourselves; ask any woman (and some men) and she will agree there are not enough hours in the day let alone time for oneself. So meet Wasma Mansour’s brand Women In Mind and find how to create a little me time.

Knowing that women have demanding lifestyles, Wasma believes that self-care is not a frugality but a way of preserving yourself through carefully crafted products. Expanding her brand from luxurious underwear and clothing, her new fragrance line is designed to give you a moment to step back and feel in control. No matter how intense life seems to get.

Women In Mind began with luxurious underwear but has since expanded to a wide array of products carefully crafted to make women feel their best. Including slips, robes, bed linen, and silk sets of loungewear there is truly something for everyone. Believing that versatility is key, they are now launching a brand new fragrance line aimed to celebrate self-care, sustainability, and individuality.

There are two indulgent scents to choose from, both of which are available across the range of scented candles and perfumes. The first scent, London Fields, is inspired by Wasma’s home place, with feelings of broad cloudless skies, fields scattered with wildflowers and earth beneath your feet. The second, Harlem Rose, is inspired by Wasma’s travels to New York with a glow from behind closed curtains, a voice singing and a complex blend of sweetness and depth.

Believing that scents can be associated with moods, people, and occasions the scents are designed from Wasma’s real-life experiences which she invites you to feel empowered through.

London Fields contains fresh notes of rose and orange blossom which tumble into patchouli, bergamot, geranium and lavender. The floral scent is tempered with a woody softness, with notes of cedar and fruity Osmanthus to help uplift with fresh, sweet energy.

Harlem Rose has notes of styrax, ylang-ylang, jasmine, suede, leather and Arabica coffee which coalesce into the powdery sweetness of beautiful florals of damask rose and mimosa. Darker notes of resin and white musk drift in for a bold balance.

You can get both scents as a roll-on fragrance oil which contains 10ml, or as an Eau De Toilette which contains 50ml. Guaranteed to help you feel your best, from packaging to product, both are crafted with care for when you need them most.

Or for those who prefer their fragrance in the home rather than on the wrist, both scents come as candles. Both fragrances are available in a set of two candles, each weighing 70g and providing 25 hours of pure bliss. You can choose your favourite scent as an individual candle which comes in a bigger size at 220g, lasting for 45 hours this candle will be sure to transform your home into a space of luxury. To top it all off, you can buy your candle with a set of matches so that you can strike your stress away whilst feeling coordinated.

So if you want to feel like the best version of yourself and join a community of confident women, what are you waiting for?

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