Women’s Hands-On

By Louis Lefaix

Grab yourself a snack; a delicious chocolate bar. Listen as a song reels from the radio, that of a female songstress explodes into your heart. Enjoy this moment crafted by women. Women in whose hands anything can be made and created. We look into this in Women’s Hands-On.

Many commodities are birthed by the hands of women; some we may not expect. Women are breaking stereotypes; from art to music, food to even car design. Women work either on their own or together to bless the world with unique creations. It is Women’s Hands-On creativity.

Take, for example, Dutch vocalist, performer and composer Vivienne Aerts’s new album Typuhthâng, which portrays this. In fact, it collaborates with The Femmes de Virunga, women involved in the cocoa trade in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The power of women’s hands-on approach is evident in every field, including starting and managing businesses.. Together with Original Beans Chocolate, they all initiated this cacao farm collective of 1500 women in 2008.

These women are often victimized and routinely left to undertake hard agricultural labour. But, Original Beans is helping elevate their standard of living. Indeed, by cultivating their crops, they cultivate their communities.

But it’s not only about chocolate. Indeed, the album aims to empower women. Typhuthâng will release on International Women’s Day, on March 8th, 2023.

Moreover, the album features 100 female musicians from over 40 countries. Additionally, it has samples from soundscapes from Virunga State Park fields. Furthermore, Aerts utilizes this authentic music to raise awareness of the project. Instead of looking for charity, it rather aims to generate business.

“Let’s make an album that sells their chocolate. Chocolate and music are a magical combination, right?”

Vivienne Aerts

The album will be available physically, and digitally. Besides, if ordered physically, buyers will get a bar of chocolate with the album. Moreover, the initial pressing of 500 exclusive copies will feature Cacao nib paper and screen print. 

Next, Rolls Royce one of the world’s leaders in luxury automobiles , is celebrating their employee’s creativity, passion and imagination in hommage of this year’s International Women’s Day. On this occasion, they asked some of their female artisans to share their stories.

The designers definitely feel that at Rolls-Royce they are ONE team, collaborating together, sharing ideas, visions, and thoughts to help deliver perfection.

Allie Knight first started working for Rolls Royce in 2014 as an apprentice. Since, she has been able to gradually climb the ladder.

“The opportunities that working at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars have offered have been incredible. I have had the opportunity to get involved in many interesting projects, including designing, and creating a highly Bespoke Phantom bonnet.”

Allie Knight

Daisy Hopgood joined Rolls Royce five years ago. She lives out her passion through Rolls Royce, by working on textile designs for the Interior Trim Centre. Since, she has progressed to working on Bespoke projects. These are handmade and personalised works of art.

“The Bespoke projects I am currently working on involve meticulous attention to detail and allow me to explore my passion for intricate design and embroidery. It is always highly rewarding and remarkable to see a project progress and a commission come to life”.

Daisy Hopgood

Rolls Royce directly contributes to women’s empowerment. In fact, it gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential and express their creativity to the fullest; whilst doing it for one of the most prestigious companies in the world.

What materials matter to these designers as women? Well, it seems they enjoy working in the Interior Surface Centre (woodshop). Loving in their role the variety of materials that they work with at Rolls-Royce; working with unique materials, leads to developing and achieving artwork that has never been seen before on the interior of a car.

The women also say, although working with rare materials can take a long time and requires a lot of meticulous attention to detail and expertise,  it is always really rewarding and exciting to see the commission once it has been created.

And as for working for such a prestigious label with the most amazing heritage, is there added pressure? They talk of being very proud to work for the world’s leading luxury marque and a marque renowned for its master levels of craftsmanship and perfection.

Craftsmanship really lies at the heart of Rolls-Royce. In 2014, I joined the Exterior Surface Centre team as an apprentice and during my time working in that department, I had the opportunity to work with some really inspiring people on some remarkable, memorable and highly Bespoke projects.  One of the projects that will always be memorable for me was the Bespoke Phantom Bonnet. For this project, I had to design and develop a Phantom Bonnet and I took inspiration for my design from the our highly unique site and the Phantom Rose, a white rose grown only at Goodwood,  and the Rolls-Royce Apiary, the 300, 000 English honey bees that forage the site.

Allie Knight

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