Women’s Wisdom 

By Fleur Chattillon

Eating vegan, having a successful career, not-being a parent or just simply someone’s appearance, the list goes on and on with reasons people, but more specifically women, are being judged for every day. But how can these women grab back the power? Find out more here in Women’s Wisdom.  

The brand and company MaiLi opened up a discussion about women’s attitude towards judgement, power and also filler treatments. The main focus of their campaign is to open up the conversation about what these woman experience when it comes to judgement. 

Over 10000 women from all over the world, were surveyed and asked several questions about if they feel judged by other people about their appearance and other various aspects.

The numbers that appeared from these surveys may be shocking. For instance, 87% of all the women who were questioned believed faced judgement for how they looked. And more than half of them received negative comments about it in real-life or online.

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg and give an impression of how serious the actual situation is.

the Company MaiLi organised a Power Panel where serval powerful women spoke about empowerment and judgment and encouraged other women to speak up about this.

Among the speakers were Polly Vernon, Saira Khan, Jenny Powell, Alex Light and Dr Sabika Karim discussing all things #saynotojudgement. They were chosen specifically because of their standpoints on these topics and they’re encouraging a variety of opinions, anecdotes and experiences.

These conversations included social media and the influence that has on women’s choices, and also celebrity culture. It all comes down to how women present themselves and how those choices are judged by the world.

The company MaiLi offers a variety of beauty treatments and a definition of filler treatments that can help women choose how they want to present themselves but definitely without being judged for using their treatments or don’t use them at all.

For MaiLi and the woman they surveyed, it all comes down to the fact that 88% of the woman believe there should be no judgement about them from nobody at all. There is no right or wrong, whether you want to change things about yourself or not. People should feel good in their own skin either way.

For more information about the company MaiLi, the survey results and the Power Panel, Go here.

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