Work; Charming!

By Jo Phillips

Charms in the form of jewellery have been worn for literally hundred of years.  Initially starting out not as a way to commemorate a 21st birthday or a special occasions, but in fact as a talisman or amulets to ward off evil sprits or bad luck.  During the  pre-historic period, charms would be made from shells, animal-bones and clay moving later to be made out of gems, rocks, and wood.

This was also very much a global trend, with remnants found in places like Egypt, Germany from the Roman Empire to pre-AD Jewish communities.  Used as prayer holders through to identification tags to clarify a family clan, charms have had a long and diverse life.

They became adopted by nobility (such as Queen Victoria in UK) and its thanks to her we have items associated with mourning;  like lockets of hair of a loved one enclosed with in a charm, through to miniatures  (tiny painting of loved ones).  So from then on the charm was not just to protect or celebrate  but also items that became as much as a  part of life’s celebrations as to life great losses.

This February  we see a whole new modern take on the charm bracelet, in fact is is a celebration of charms much more as amulets to be worn on a chain around the neck, no longer confined to the wrist but freed up to be worn long on short on a chain handing off an earring or of course should you require, on a bracelet.  The Generation Charm Club Collection (from 16 February 2018) by THOMAS SABO  is reinventing the world of the Charm.  high fashion pieces that can new express  the wearer’s own personality. The Collection contains around 260 restyled, high quality designs in 925 Sterling silver, or 18k yellow gold plating and classic natural materials. 


 Extra-large Charms, give a fresh take  that make far more of a modern statement  potentially on a  wealth of different carriers, including necklaces, bracelets and hinged hoops, the new Charms are perfectly suited to modern layering. Look out for the  “Vintage Rebel” category for those already a fan of the brand or those who want a slightly more ‘rock and roll’ expression

From mid-February, customers will be able to choose between new types of square packaging when purchasing from the Collection. In addition to the characteristic black and white stripy look, the new, feminine jewellery caskets have a drawer in various colours elegantly representing the joie de vivre of Generation Charm Club. Vintage Rebel Charms will be presented in packaging with a black and grey stripy look and black drawer. Matching shopping bags complete this new shopping experience. 


The Generation Charm Club Collection will be available in all THOMAS SABO shops and shop-in-shops, online at and from selected partners from 16 February 2018. 


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