Work; Office Spaces Around the World

By Jo Phillips

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. This statement is according to Andrew Naber, a psychologist and an associate behavioural scientist at RAND Corporation. Its safe to say your office environment can be a huge component in your energy and morale and your overall outlook on life. With that in mind, here are 7 companies who have made work for their employees a playful and creative occasion. From cool Stockholm to sunny California, get ready for a photographic tour of incredible office spaces from all over the world. Let’s begin.



Image Credit: Office Snapshots

This amazing office space is located 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm. Originally a nuclear bunker called Pionen, Jon Karlung the CEO of Bahnhof converted it into a data centre. With its futuristic interiors that could double as a James Bond lair, it captures the atmosphere of something from outer space with unshakable security. It’s capable of withstanding a hydrogen bomb and is secured by a 40-cm thick door, and only accessible by an entrance tunnel. Equipped with space themed conference rooms and artificial waterfalls, working here would be comparable to decoding a new mission everyday.

VANS HQ  Costa Mesa


Image Credit: Office Snapshots

The newest global headquarters of VANS in Costa Mesa is a 14-acre haven of dynamic collaboration spaces and amazing on-site facilities. Designed by Rapt Studio, the new Vans HQ is fully equipped with jam rooms accessible to staff to groove to their favourite tunes at any time, a BBQ area with grab&go stations, coffee lounge with an on-site barista and a fully furnished fitness facility. The new headquarters embodies Vans’ ethos as a brand which is all about youth culture connectivity. The courtyard on all floors is sprawled with meeting spaces and an ample amount of individual space making it easier for employees and visitors to steer through the building without distracting anyone.



Located in the middle of the woods near Madrid is the office of Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano. The architect duo wanted to bring nature and greenery into their office space and what better way than to base it in a forest! Made up of thick acrylic material, its shaped like a tunnel extending into the woods with an undisturbed view of nature. The transparent walls bring in an abundance of sunlight making the space feel light and cozy. It is also built halfway under the forest surface so you can keep cool if you want to avoid the hot Spanish summers.With natural scenery at eye-level, working here would be a treat for the eyes and soul everyday.



Image Credit: Clive Wilkinson Architects

This 120,000 SF warehouse is home to the global ad agency TBWA CHIAT DAY in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles. Designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects, this expansive office space is a city in itself. The project became known as ‘Advertising City’ because of its outdoor-inspired design features. It included a ‘main street’, a ‘central park’, a basketball court, billboards, work neighbourhoods and generous amount of meeting spaces. It even has trees growing inside the building giving it a fresh feel. Entering this vast space is like stepping into a whole new world. The spaciousness is truly breathtaking with a plethora of shapes and colour and is a testament to merging lifestyle and recreation with productivity.



Image Credit: Office Snapshots

When looking for a new space for their headquarters, Comvert, an alternative clothing company, stumbled upon an old abandoned cinema. The space was expansive and perfect to house their offices, warehouse and shop. But what made the space even more interesting was the massive room above used for the audience to sit during a movie. Comvert took on the challenge and turned it into an indoor skate bowl which sat suspended above the warehouse. The result is a unique structure fit for their alternative clothing brand image while keeping the staff entertained.

CBRE  Madrid


Image Credit: Office Snapshots

“Bring people close to nature.” This was the concept behind CBRE’s office space. CBRE, an architecture firm, has created a space for their employees focusing on collaboration, flexibility and well-being. All of the spaces are designed to reinforce the natural image and sustainability while creating a space in which employees can improve their physical and mental well-being. The office features a unique old wooden hut in the middle of the space generating an organic forest setting. CBRE has positively set a new benchmark in office design for merging technology and natural setting.



The newest HelloFresh HQ in London sends a message of feeling at home away from home. The space feels cosy with brown leather sofas draped beside impressive shelves filled with books. The rustic finishes give off a homely ambience and the transparent windows bring in an ample amount of sunlight making work a happy experience. The colour scheme and design also takes into account the brand’s beliefs which is all about providing quality ingredients and delivering fresh food straight from the source. Use of rustic green, wooden elements and reclaimed pieces are prevalent throughout the office creating a shabby chic quality to its design.

If looking at these amazing workspaces is inspiring you to inject some life and personality into your own office, Tom Dixon’s new interior accessories might just be the right inspiration. The newest addition to their collection is PLANT, a double headed vase designed for the curation of floral arrangements and micro ecosystems. This vase is unlike anything you’ve seen as its double headed, extending its functionality with a unique design to complement. Made of molten glass, each PLANT is carefully crafted into constructing a unique vessel for your floral arrangements and would be a perfect addition to any desired space.


 SPIN is an exercise in solidity, movement and adaptability. Made in Great Britain, SPIN is a series of table top accessory designed to act as a centrepiece and detail for your arrangements. This iron structure is heavily coated with black powder and is able to hold tea lights and taper candles. With a series of counterbalanced arms that has suitable mobility, it is fitting for all types of table top. SPIN has an instantly recognisable silhouette and is undoubtedly a memorable piece to acquire for your chosen space.


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