Work; Overload

By Julie Jacobs

We are living in the era of work overload, instead of technology making life easier for us it has slowly but surely driven us to work more hours than the traditional nine-to-five, “Werk werk werk werk werk werk…” to quote Bad Girl Riri. Both time and space seem to be scarce theses days as we make less time for ourselves hence the growth in Multi-use/purpose cosmetics.

‘Multi-use’ is one product that can be used on various areas of the face and body therefore space saving then there’s ‘multi-action’, a time saving product which achieves two to three different results in one application i.e. conditioning shampoo.  If you were restricted to just five products for a weekend away what would you take?…here are my favourites.


NARS Matte Multiple

I bought my very first NARS Multi-use many many moons ago. Eyes; lips and cheeks are all covered with this one cosmetic, great for touch-ups when shooting on location in the middle of nowhere as well as space saving in my hand bag.   The colour range contains a mixture of muted hues which suits all areas of the face even the red Siam works well on eyelids.


By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

This serum works on two levels, skincare and cosmetic.  It’s ‘radiance-enhancing and colour-correcting brightens, moisturises and contains corrective skincare properties’, aimed to boost luminosity.  Because of the translucent light-Reflecting particles it very subtly softens imperfections for a even-toned complexion.  It is very light in texture so I do not feel like I’m applying a cosmetic; just skincare. Use alone or add a drop or two to your foundation or body lotion for radiance anywhere and everywhere you fancy!


Tri-Balm by Frances Prescott

Frances Prescott’s all natural Tri-Balm features two months in a row! Cleanse; exfoliate and moisturise, rinse or tissue off respectively depending on the result you require…this truly is a ‘one stop shop’ product. You can even use as an intense moisture masque something we will need over the next few days if this Siberian weather continues.


CaudalÍe Grape Water

I spritz Caudalíe’s water spray any time anywhere!  I tone; rehydrate; refresh make-up and sooth irritated skin. I tend to think of it as an insurance policy that lives in my kit, one also lives on my office desk for when I’m tired and can feel the central heating sucking every ounce of moisture from my skin.


Previse Healing Salve 

Previse Healing Salve works well as another barrier cream protect an seal in natural moisture especially in this blistering weather ( January Hero ‘Exposed’ is a must read) Perfect for lips, hands, feet, nipples and any other areas of the body excessively dehydrated and dry.   One hundred percent natural; pH balanced; paraben-free with Zero Fragrance.  And as much as I’m not a big fan of perfumes – I do love a whiff of Lavender though – I find it a little strange that this natural product has no aroma but Previse only add what’s needed and I appreciate that fact.  Initially I could not understand the “safe for ingestion” statement then remembered breast feeding mothers who may suffer from sore nipples not wanting their baby ingesting nipple cream…well thought through Previse!

 Words Julie Jacbos

Images Jason Yates

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