Work; Warm Reads

By Jo Phillips

While it still chilly outside, wrap yourself indoors with these good reads, guaranteed to keep you your mind and soul warm.

Eliza Garrett has taken some of the greatest works of literature and has interpreted 4 classics from the finest breeds of animals! Delve into Pugs and Prejudice, a cast of adorable pugs that has the wit and warmth of the classic Jane Austen novel – with adorable pugs dressed head to paw in Georgian clothing!

The Great Catsby – millionaire Jay Catsby, throws extravagant parties attended by all the great and beautiful felines. He hopes that Daisy, his love that he lost long ago, may one day be drawn to his lavish parties.

Romeow and Juliet – two families at war in fair Purrona, but when Romeow, son of Montamew, sneaks into the Cattulet ball he falls in love with Juliet. These two star crossed kittie lovers must find a way to harmoniously live together and define this feline fued.

The Picture of Dorian Greyhound – The best of his breed, Dorian, a well tempered and beautiful greyhound, is morally corrupted when he befriends hedonist, Lord Henry Wooffon.


Pugs and Prejudice, The Great Catsby, Romeow and Juliet and The Picture of Dorian Greyhound are available at Hachette UK.

By Mira T. Lee, Everything here is beautiful, is an electrifying and heartwarming tale of two sisters – Miranda, the oldest and headstrong, responsible adult for her younger sister, Lucia, implosive and prone to living life on a grand scale. After their mothers’ death, Lucia’s rash nature leads her to marry an older man, While rushing life-changing decisions, Miranda has to find a way to save Lucia, without losing herself in the process.



Everything Here is Beautiful is available at Penguin Random House.

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