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By Jo Phillips

If you could pinpoint the distinct scent of each place you have ever travelled to, you would wouldn’t you? Like that time you visited Tokyo on a romantic getaway during the cherry blossom season, and now every time you smell a hint of magnolia, cherry and florals it brings you back to that time. Or perhaps that time you went to Oslo for a remote stag do and the earthy scents of the Norwegian fjord filled your senses as the crisp air blew past as you heard the pure ocean waves.

Midnight Traveller, Pure Traveller, and the Exotic Traveller are three collections by Aroma Holiday that have re-created the fragrances of each city that founder Mark Jordan experienced on his three-year-long travels across the world. And if, like Mark, you cannot get enough of all the places you have been to, and wish you could go back, or perhaps are planning to travel across the world, prepare to read about 18 fragrances that will surely just tug away at the growing itch to purchase these Aroma Holiday collections.

“The Midnight Traveller” Black Collection


London – Is a woody scent with green herbal accords, notes of rose petals, freshly cut grass and hints of green tea and sandalwood. Reminiscent of Mark Jordan’s youth with his sister running around St. James’s Park, feeling as though they had discovered an oasis in the metropolis.

Mark’s Top Tip: London is really quite unique in that way, with its 8 beautiful green and large Royal Parks, lakes and abundance of wildlife including Swans, wild deer etc, and no other major city can boast such treats…so why not enjoy?

Tokyo – Opens with a magnolia cherry blossom fragrance, as if from a Japanese garden, with notes of Himalayan bamboo and base of aromatic woods. Experienced unexpectedly during the spring upon a hike on a trail up Mount Takao where the Wild Orchids were in bloom at the time.

Mark’s Top Tip: Escape the busy urban centre, stroll through Shinjuku Gyoen Park, sit and gaze upon the tranquil cherry blossoms swaying in the Asian breeze. As well as a structure dominating the entrance to the Sensoji Temple – the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) is worth a look.

Rome – With a medley of damson plum, blackberry, apple, raspberry, blackcurrant, dew fruit, grapefruit and sweet lemon. The plethora of these sweet notes alongside Vin blanc, thyme, precious woods, and musk will transport you to the heart of an Italian fruit festival. From a stopover on a Mediterranean cruise in the ancient ruins in the Eternal City, the aroma of citrus fruits leaving a long-lasting souvenir.

Mark’s Top Tip: Treat yourself to one of the world’s best ice cream, near to the Trevi Fountain at Valentino’s!

Istanbul – And its spicy notes of myrrh and pomegranate followed by Jasmine with woody and fragrant frankincense base, bring back the memory of browsing through a Turkish Bazaar under the setting sun and touch of the coastal breeze.

Mark’s Top Tip: Find a restaurant with a rooftop view, we had a wonderful meal at the Turk Art Hotel restaurant located in the Eminönü peninsula which is called Old City.

Kingston – Has a hypnotic sweet caramel and rum notes the edible touch of Jamaican ginger cake and succulent dried fruit. The subtle hint of smoke and creamy vanilla is an unforgettable experience of the paradise that is Jamaica, of sipping one too many rum drinks and seeing the world pass by in his colonial looking room forged between ferns and palm trees.

Mark’s Top Tip: Unwind at the end of the day at one of the best watering holes in Jamaica, worth a chilled cocktail or two at the Mahogany Tree Bar at Devon House.

New York – Surprisingly enough with its earthy notes of sweetly spiced apple and cinnamon with the nuance of warm chestnut and roasted coffee. Doesn’t it smell like a “street smell of success” of the Big Apple?

Mark’s Top Tip: The picture of a fantastic lifelike scary sculpture, was taken on the Highline, part of the old elevated New York railway system, now lovingly converted into a beautiful parkland wooden walkway above the shouldering streets. “Yorkshireman” as I like to call him, positioned just around one of the bends, frightened me and the wife half to death, we were out on our leisurely morning jog soaking up the NY atmosphere! Definitely, worth a stroll if you visit the Big Apple, watch the morning traffic and please say hello to him from us… he’s now a dear friend!

Aroma Holiday NYC

“Pure Traveller” White Collection


Auckland – Begins with A smooth, sophisticated, woody fragrance with dominant notes of clean cedar-wood, with supporting notes of watery green kiwi fruit, while delicate kowhai gives hints of the floral and Manuka, gives touches of sweetness. The base of the fragrance is composed of cool, damp fern and precious burning woods, evoking the image of a New Zealand bush campfire and lush rainforests. The place that is of most significant and a personal favourite of Mark, growing up and living in Nelson, South Island that brings back his childhood of playing football for Manawatu United.

Mark’s Top Tip: Abel Tasman National Park! At the very top of the South Island, you can explore the beautiful beaches, impressive rock formations, and cheeky wildlife either by boat for the day or for the more adventurous. Also, a fine dining recommendation, visit The Soul Bar, we spent a lovely evening gazing out on the sunset situated in the vibrant Viaduct Harbour..a great end to our holiday Feb 2017.

Paris – Has a rich, romantic accord with notes of luxurious rose petals, supported by your breakfast sweet mimosa cocktail, basil, and zesty mandarin aroma. A nudge of a romantic getaway in the City of Love, walking hand-in-hand with a lover along the Rue d’Armaille.

Mark’s Top Tip: Le Baron Rouge is one of my favourite wine bars and eateries in all of Paris, Rustic & very Parisian to the core! Address: 1 rue théophile Roussel, 12th arrondissement.

Heraklion – And the top notes of sparkling lemon verbena and green olives, following with a tender sweet orange blossom on the base of rich woods. The scent might just intrigue an impromptu four-month adventure whilst working in a fishing village that is Agios, like Mark himself. Imagining yourself swimming and walking in the same Mediterranean sea and crisp beaches of the Greek gods or perhaps on the island of Zeus’ Crete.

Mark’s Top Tip: A provoking boat trip to the Island of Spinalonga made famous by Victoria Hislop’s bestseller The Island, or Aspes beach about 60 km’s from Heraklion and only accessible by boat but in the height of summer a secluded paradise!

Agra – Transports you to the capital city of India with the spicy accords and nuances of lemongrass, Indian ginseng and burning fragrant Nag Champa Incense.

Mark’s Top Tip: For a view of the Taj Mahal from all angles, the Oberoi Amarvilas Agra Hotel, built in an Indian Mughal taste, upon opening your Vetiver blinds in the morning will you truly awaken to the glorious sights and smell of East India. Also, if you’re a sweet tooth then you must try Agra’s street desert Pethas, made from dried white pumpkin pieces dipped in sugar or syrup. One of the best pethas can be found at Panchhi Petha.

Hawaii – On the sunbathed lush beaches do naturally sweet scent of pineapple, coconut and green palms encompass the tropical island filled perfectly. Surely the mountain peaks in their emerald glory wrapped in the morning mist that looks to tower over the heavens on a walk along golden powdered sugar sands of Lanikai beach, hearing the sway of the coconut palms and the sparkling turquoise waters look just as ‘Hawaii’ smells.

Mark’s Top Tip: Stayed at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa in 2002 with its 23 oceanfront acres at legendary Pu’u Keka’a (Black Rock) on Ka’anapali Beach, where you can gaze at fearless night-time rock divers whilst enjoying a torch lit fine dining experience.

Oslo – The evocative Norwegian Fjord’s earthy tones with floral primula and delicate watermelon and pear, infused with the salty Nordic lakes, as the idyllic bays and maze of islands are a safe haven from Mother Nature that will only make us feel one with her.

Mark’s Top Tip: Getting around on a fine day has been made very easy, take advantage of Oslo’s simple bike rental The Oslo City Bike. Download the app, and you can locate and unlock bicycles anywhere in the city…its genius! 1 A day costs around NOK49 (US $6.20), whereas a three-day pass, will be around NOK99 (US $12.5).

“Exotic Traveller” Gold Collection


Sydney – Has exactly that wooden and sweet accord that enhances the eucalyptus and lemon notes with that warm base of spice and precious woods and rich opulent amber from its seaside charm and diversity, a must-visit place to visit.

Mark’s Top Tip: Hop on a Ferry at Circular Quay and head for Manly Beach, this costs far less than the usual tourist harbour tours and you will arrive at a lovely seaside ‘No Worries’ town. And a favourite quiet and tranquil free spot in the city is to walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens….look out for the Bats in the trees, hanging like stalactites!

Cape Town – Surely enough has a floral fragrance of its renowned National Park, with top notes of a cool morning rain added by the nuance of mimosa and earthy aniseed spiced bread, that was moulded from a visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.

Mark’s Top Tip: The apostle hotel just a short 20-minute hotel shuttle ride away, this former Hunting lodge and iconic white building situated within the park itself, is a fine example of luxury accommodation with amazing views of the Cape.

Valencia – Has the typical citrus scent from the Spanish orchards of bergamot and grapefruit that rest of on a smooth aromatic sandalwood base from the-ever sunny Valencia. And the cycle through the Jardins Del Turia towards the sea on a warm spring day is the memory that stems from this scent as seeing the unique park that runs along the bed of a dried up old river smelling the perfumed woods and citrus fruits in the air.

Mark’s Top Tip: If you like to Party Spanish style then plan your trip in the middle of March because Fallas (pronounced fay-as) is happening, the biggest, craziest fiesta you will ever have the pleasure to see…almost like Disney on Steroids!

Bangkok – As expected with the fusion spices of rushed ginger, lemongrass, and sprinkles of cardamom and coriander seeds with the hints of lemon peels that just smell simply edible from the markets of ‘The City of Angels’. The mix collaboration of the modern and traditional progress of the country is truly quite a charming trait with the tuk-tuk transportation, temples, and shrines with the tall skyscrapers that the Bangkok aroma magnifies.

Mark’s Top Tip: Do not accept a tour whilst walking along the street… Plan an official tour in advance, you will have a stress free wonderful time.

Rio – Transports you to the heart of Rio’s carnival with its fruity and sweet accords of mouth-watering papaya and mango with the tropical notes of coconut, pineapple, vanilla and palm and hints of luxurious sweet pea, as the memory of the Sugar Loaf Mountains Christ the Redeemer that was mesmerising, hypnotic and hot and seemed to guard over the Brazilian city. The view of the Atlantic ocean caressing the Cagarras islands to one side and as the jungle-fringed beaches of Copacabana, Leblon, and Ipanema to the other is epitomized in ‘Rio’.

Mark’s Top Tip: Must try the street snack, Acarajé a deep-fried patty of pureed onion shrimp and Vatapá (made from bread, shrimp, coconut milk, finely ground peanuts and palm oil mashed into a creamy paste)’s delicious but just make sure you’re hitting the Gym tomorrow!

Dubai – And its rich and vibrant spices of figs, plum, honey with a base of indulgent amber and soft woods, can you imagine cruising down the Dubai Creek in the ancient City of Gold and glitter, or enjoy an endless and eventful experience of the true meaning of retail therapy.

Mark’s Top Tip: Leave all the skyscrapers and wealth behind just for a few moments and book a desert safari by the Platinum Heritage.

Me&MaxNZ (2)Mark and Max in New Zealand

Don’t you feel ready for a getaway to one of these destinations? Because at .Cent we were truly itching to book one-way flights and never come back…but of course, it never is that simple. Aroma Holidays have not only created candles for these magnificent fragrances but also incense burners that you can buy individually or in gift sets, a wonderful addition to make your homes smell like you’re on constant vacation and make you relive your fondest memories abroad.

So why don’t you go on ahead and make your online purchases directly at Aroma Holiday, or on their Etsy store!

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