Worldly; COS x Serpentine

By Jo Phillips

serpentine_2018_fea_2831 Serpentine Pavilion 2018, designed by Frida Escobedo, Serpentine Gallery, London (15 June – 7 October 2018) © Frida Escobedo, Taller de Arquitectura, Photography © 2018 Iwan Baan

It has come to that time of the year for the Serpentine, with the help of London based fashion brand COS, to set in motion a multidisciplinary showcase held this year in a uniquely elegant pavilion, designed by award-winning architect, Frida Escobedo. As creatives of different fields come together to form an all-encompassing programme titled Park Nights of which on a selected Friday night is a platform for one of the many budding creatives from all walks of life to bring their respective discipline alive, be it art, music, film, theatre, dance, literature, philosophy or technology. This year’s programme will feature the following personalities:

Friday 13th July
Dorothy Iannone: Active since the 1960s, she makes an emphatic opening with feminist artworks, films and books.

Friday 20th July
Meriem Bennani: Harmonises global and Moroccan pop cultures through films, installations and immersive environments.

Friday 27th July
Victoria Sin: Explores themes of desire, identification and objectification in a non-conventional sense through moving image, writing, print and performance.

Friday 3rd August
Kamasi Washington: A man of many talents, he brings music closer through his compositions, productions and his own performances as a multi-instrumentalist.

Friday 10th August
TELFAR: Encourages collectivism within individuality through a project consisting of a gender-neutral clothing collection.

Friday 7th September
Yaeji: Her electronic dance music puts us into a trance, enticing us into a deeply reflective dimension against the backdrop of English and Korean lyrics and funky beats.

Friday 14th September
Megan Rooney: Uses a range of mediums such as paintings, performance, sculptures and installations, written and spoken words for her enigmatic storytelling.

Friday 21st September
Pedro Reyes: A self-acclaimed sculptor who places great importance on an individual and collective agency by integrating theatre, psychology and activist elements.

PN18 composite

And like past years, the result of Park Nights will be a long-lasting conversation established between the serpentine galleries and creatives, with much thanks to the contribution of COS, whose Creative Director, Karin Gustafsson stresses that due to the inspiration given to the brand by Serpentine, “we are proud to follow the development of the programmes and artists”. COS, who have been supporting Park Nights for the last 6 years, is once again the perfect supporter whose brand values celebrate the modern and the traditional, classic and innovation through rapports with an extensive list of celebrated artists. At the forefront of contemporary arts and innovation that pioneers the concept of live performance in living architecture, Serpentine Galleries has also never failed to involve the entire community, by giving an opportunity to the young ones and marginalised groups through the Family Programme (starting this year and to be supported by COS as well), to discover the endless boundaries of the arts in the world.


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