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By Jo Phillips

Hair, beauty, and fashion are understood in every language.  These industries exist on every corner of the world and it would be safe to say that everyone has their own experience with them.  But in such a saturated market, and one that relies heavily on copious amounts of branding and getting consumers to believe that these products are things that they need, truth is rarely a word synonymous with these industries.  If you, as a consumer, possess your own concerns and are struggling to find a brand that is willing to be upfront with you and treat you as an equal, evo is an ideal place to start.

Evo remains to be a company that defies all of these odds. Completely dedicated to telling the truth about their products and keeping at bay ideas of ‘need’ and ‘have to have,’ evo’s mission stands to keep the hair and beauty industry honest. The Evo mission is to create innovative salon products without over-marketed ingredients or imaginary technology. Their website hosts an entire about page that answers any and all questions you may have about their philosophy and their approach to hair and beauty, with 100% transparency. Evo has taken it upon themselves to deliver in both their ideology and their productUntitled-1Once upon a time, my own hair was virgin and untouched. Then, the day I made the commitment to the bleached and coloured life, evo’s evo Fabuloso Pro took my hair and transformed it. To this day, their platinum blonde remains to be one of the best stages of colour that my hair has ever seen.

Featuring brand new products, (and even newer things on the horizon), evo continues to build their brand with new products that cut through the nonsense.  Debuting new items like their macgyver multi-use mousse, happy campers wearable treatment, and their new packaging for box o’ bollox, cassius, crop strutters, and a complete revamp of casual act  (everything set to launch this month and next), all of their products are consistently showing consumers their transparency.

Untitled-2As a personal fan of both the brand and the products, not to mention the refreshingly humorous descriptions written on their bottles, evo has enlightened me.  Beauty exists in everything, all around the world.  However, when things are so globally acknowledged and renowned it becomes increasingly hard to know what’s real and what isn’t, but with evo, they do their duty to make sure that you know what they’re all about.  As evo states, ‘Beauty is abundant, not in a bottle,’ and I couldn’t agree more.


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