Worldly; Makeup’s New Standard

By Jo Phillips

Who doesn’t love the exciting rush of finding the perfect red lipstick or the thrill of finding a fabulous blusher? Whether you prefer a quick swipe of mascara or a carefully contoured routine, makeup brings joy and confidence to those who wear it. And yet, it is strikingly ironic that products meant to enhance one’s natural beauty are so detrimental to the beauty and well being of the environment in which we live.

Heavily processed and laced with chemicals, the majority of makeup products, used throughout households and red carpets, contain ingredients that are impossible to be broken down by the environment. These ingredients, when disposed of or washed down the drain, sit in the ecosystem and accumulate. The chemicals and carcinogens that end up in the water are then processed through the water cycle and spread around the world.

This widespread contamination of water by beauty product residue leaves animals, soil, and aquatic life exposed to damaging illnesses. Titanium Dioxide and Paraben are two such chemicals that are known to kill phytoplankton and coral, respectively. Shockingly, some chemicals from makeup have even been found inside wildlife animals, including bears and birds, proving that these chemicals infiltrate every facet of nature.

So, how is this remedied? The answer is simple: choose products and brands that use natural, organic ingredients with biodegradable packaging. This not only benefits the environment and the world’s ecosystems, but also forces larger beauty brands to reconsider the ingredients in their signature products.

One such brand seeking to revolutionise the makeup industry by using organic ingredients and eliminating harmful waste is Jillian Dempsey. While there are a growing number of brands seeking to get away from the harmful chemicals in makeup, Jillian Dempsey has acquired a cult following for her products as a stand-out favourite among Hollywood and makeup lovers alike. Her stunning palettes and beautiful eyeliners have become the go-to products for those seeking a polished and natural finish.

organic makeup

With different shades of lid tints, cheek tints, and eyeliners in her new collection, this vegan and cruelty-free makeup line embraces and uses ingredients that are safe for the ecosystem and that naturally accentuate the beauty in each feature. The lid tint, applied easily with the swipe of the finger, is a lovely eyeshadow for those desiring a smooth, satin finish. Also applied with the finger, the cheek tints provide a rosy splash of color that make the cheekbones really pop. Both the lid and cheek tint are made with organic shea butter and natural oils that are not only safe for the environment, but also healthy for your skin. Adding a dramatic flair and beautiful contour, the eyeliner maintains a creamy, durable feel while also remaining is free of standard chemicals including parabens and harmful dyes.

Thanks to her brand and her efforts, consumers, along with the makeup industry, are beginning to shift their beauty preferences toward more natural products and ingredients. Her stunning makeup has set a new, higher standard for makeup, and has established a precedent for the eco-friendly future of beauty.

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