Woven: A World of Spa

By Sophie Field


“one destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”- Henry Miller

Everything we ever need is at the touch of a finger; our days seem to shoot by and with a mass of information ever at the ready, we feel a pressing need to be doing something all the time. As the need to relax becomes more urgent in our lives, there seems to be a movement towards holistic ways of living – or at least a more holistic approach to life. Our desire for authentic experiences which grounds us in our bodies and in nature is on the increase.

What do Bali Indonesia, Java Indonesia, Tokyo Japan, Tangelle Sri Lanka, Phuket Thailand, Rajasthan India and Amangiri USA all have in common? Well, they are some of the incredible destinations for Aman holistic spas.

From the hammams of Morocco to the hot springs of Japan, Aman Wellness proposes to take you on a journey towards a reawakening of mind and body by drawing on traditional spa rituals and indigenous ingredients used for centuries in different locations across the globe. It’s all about reconnecting with the natural environment.


Aman’s personalised programmes take place over 3-21 days and incorporate aspects of health, nutrition, fitness and spiritual awareness in four Immersive Experiences: Fitness, Weight Management, Cleanse and Awareness.

Over 30 years, AMAN launched their first resort in Amanpuri (In Sanskrit- Place of peace), Phuket. Now comprising of 33 hotels and resorts around the world, the wellness and resort brand celebrates their 30th anniversary with a new collection of 30 all-natural skincare products as well as a new menu of spa treatments utilising the Aman Skincare collection, influenced by local holistic traditions.


Aman Skincare - Main Campaign ShotAMAN Skincare range, Campaign Shot

Launching worldwide on October 1st, Aman Skincare takes inspiration from its commitment to the meditative yet dramatic, the natural and holistic, to its’ communities and to the particular locales of its’ resorts. Above all else, it harnesses nature’s transformative and spiritual healing properties, its essence felt at the earthy centre of every product.

The new skincare range is designed to feel good but also to do good; in the words of Cent, to bring beauty to the world.

Created to provide exceptional results, AMAN also strives to reach much deeper and emotional levels and needs. It is a spiritual journey reflecting their global footprint with ingredients from all over the world. Devoted to the natural and to the organic, as well as to the community, landscape and the working hands that produce their products, AMAN sources their ingredients grown organically from their resort’s destinations. They work where possible with local communities, like the Berber women’s collective in Morocco, harvesting the cold-pressed organic argan oil used in the Stem Cell Face & Eye Serums.

The packaging is designed by artist and architect Kengo Kuma, creating a series of recyclable beautiful black marbled bottles and jars for this range. Inspired by Japanese porcelain, and accompanied by beautifully crafted wooden spoons, the smooth and ornamental nature of the bottles are worthy and reflective of the miraculous solutions within.

The range is divided into three pathways: GroundingPurifying and Nurturing, each of which is designed for a specific skin type and meditative focus.

Grounding collection

Skin type: Normal to dry skin, including mature and dehydrated complexions

The Grounding collection focuses on relieving stress and anxiety, and the sensation of rootlessness that may come with day to day life.

Using rare and beautiful ingredients such as Silver, Amethyst, Amber Oil, Sandalwood, Rose quartz crystals, Jasmine, Black Peruvian and Purple muds as well as wild-harvested butters, this collection beautifully combines to centre the self. We are drawn back into the moment of now with meditative and dreamy scents, yet earthy and almost dirty; we are indeed grounded.

Aman Skincare - Grounding PathwayGrounding Body Amethyst Bath & Shower Oil

Grounding Face

Maca Cleansing Powder fights pollution-weary skin using Maca, Amethyst and Amber.

The Desert Dew Face Mist acts as an anti-bacterial toner, using Homeopathic silver to tighten and hydrate. Silver has been used for centuries to heal. Known for its medicinal properties, it is used to fight pollutants; both microbial and environmental. It is also known for its ability to stimulate cell regeneration and repair, soothing and calming the skins top barrier.

Miracle Mud Mask soothes and rejuvenates. Black Peruvian Mud, rich in minerals, softens and re-hydrates dull, tired skin. Containing skin-softening vitamins E and K, as well as fatty acids, linoleic acid and falvonoids, Cactus Oil provides the skin with a healthy replenishment of moisture whilst also reducing any inflammation.

The Stem Cell Face and Eye Serum; the super serum of dreams accelerates skin repair, diminishes fine lines and dark circles using Boswellia, Tuberose Cells and Liquorice

Grounding Body

Body Mist uses notes of lingering woody Sandalwood, Jasmine and Amber to create a grounding and soothing facial mist, calming soul and skin.

The Body Oil containing Baobab, St John’s Wort and Sandalwood is rich in anti-oxidants, helping to rejuvenate skin and mindset.

Grounding Pulse Point Remedy balances hormones, encouraging deep sleep.

Smoked body butter heals, and hydrates dry, cracked or irritated skin.

And finally, the Grounding Amber Eau de parfum provides an intense lingering fragrance of rose damascene, sultry smoked amber and sandalwood.

Grounding Bath

An Amethyst Body and Shower oil soothes aching joints and promotes inner peace through Amethyst, Sandalwood and Jasmine.

The Amethyst Soak and scrub banishes rough skin, boosting cell regeneration.

Purifying collection

Skin type: normal/oily congested dull/ stressed and blemished skin

The Purifying collection uplifts, invigorates and re-energises. Recommended for treating dull and tired skin, low energy, thyroid problems, post-illness fatigue, headaches and feelings of heaviness. The purifying collection aims to bring light to any darkness or heaviness of spirit.

Using incredible ingredients like Palo Santo, Seaweed, Sandalwood, Juniper Berry, Rose Geranium, Raw Honey, Pearl, Quartz and most extraordinarily Argan Stem Cells, this collection purifies and provides a spring of seemingly eternal youth.

Aman Skincare - Purifying PathwayPurifying Face Marine Face Wash

Purifying Face

A Marine Face Wash with Vitamin C and Seaweed preserves the skin’s youthfulness and elasticity

An Ocean Face Mist, copper-infused, acts as a cellular regenerating toner

An Active Marine Mask with pearl powders serves to stimulate collagen production and re-mineralize the skin.

Hyaluronic Face Hydrator with Cactus and miraculous Sea Lavender, plumps and hydrates, whilst clearing day to day congestion. Sea Lavender activates collagen production to help improve skin elasticityand youthfulness.

Purifying Body

The Body Mist strengthens the skins defensive cells.

Body Oil utilizing Monga, Arnica and Seaweed cleanses, regenerates and restores.

Pulse Point Remedy clears negative energies, soothes and calms skins.

The Santo Salve heals and hydrates though Calendula and Moringa and Palo Santo, creatinga protective layer again environmental pollutants and bacteria.

Purifying Palo Santo & Sandalwood Eau de Parfum leaves an intense lifting fragrance of Palo Santo and Sandalwood.

Purifying Bath

Auric Cleanse Bath Salts energise the soul with their 84 essential minerals

Quartz Scrub and Soak invigorates the body using time-healing and relaxing quartz to clear any negative energy or tension

Purifying Shampoo and Purifying Conditioner use rose geranium, coconut and jojoba oils to nourish and replenish hair

The Argan Scalp and Hair Oil employ Pataua, Neem and Rosemary to promote strong and healthy hair.

The Purifying Body Wash calms and protects the skin using Palo Santo and Juniper Berry.

Nourishing collection

Skin type: all/ including sensitive skins

Made using the finest of ingredients, this collection provides long-lasting hydration and transformation. The Nourishing collection soothes skin and soul. It nourishes the inner core and heart, lungs and body. With modern day lifestyles becoming more and more stressful, along with increasing populations, travel and contingent pollution, our skin, as a result, is suffering.

This luxury collection by AMAN may be an answer to these modern day problems and environmental assaults. Using incredible ingredients like: Vitamin B12, Hyaluronic Acid, Protein rich royal jelly and Homeopathic gold, these all serve to fight a lack of sleep, sun damage,  inflammation and dehydration.

The Nourishing collection is recommended for treating lacklustre and dull skin, ageing, chronic fatigue, anxiety and any feelings of disconnection, grief or discontent.

Aman Skincare - Nourishing PathwayNourishing Body Sacred Heart Balm

Nourishing Face

The Ultimate Cream Cleanser, that works impurities gently but thoroughly out of the skin to promote a youthful glow.

The Rain Face Mist, which uses Gold and Vitamin B12, exfoliates and stimulates cell regeneration. Engrained in mythology and folklore, symbolizing the sun, purity, wealth, here, Homeopathic Gold works to boost cell regeneration and to restore elasticity- marking itself as a key and luxurious ingredient fit for the gods. Vitamin B12, or Cobalamin, is key for strengthening the capillaries of the skin and reducing inflammation caused by stress, poor diet and minor intolerances, as well as pollution. It also helps to regulate the production of pigmentation in the skin, often an emergent problem of ageing skin that develop dark spots and pigmentation.

The Silk Cocoon Face Cream is a softening cream rich in live amino acids drawn from the discarded cocoons of unharmed Italian Butterflies acts as a night cream- using the amino acids present in the incredible live silk to replenish the skin with moisture. Live silk is anti-inflammatory in its’ properties, smoothing and soothing the skin as well as regenerating. It is not surprising the creators behind the house of AMAN have gone to such great lengths to get hold of this beautiful natural ingredient.

Next up, a beautiful Jade Mask Concentrate employs Royal Jelly to create a gel mask that will repair fine lines and wrinkles, providing long-lasting hydration. Protein Rich Royal Jelly, with anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, provides key nutrients for the skin. It also contains the key active ingredient for skin cell production: collagen. A rich ingredient, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, the first signs of ageing and keeps the skin looking plump and firm.

The Nurture Intense Face Oil uses Jasmine Stem cells to hydrate and protect whilst also stimulating cell renewal.

Nourishing Body

Providing first a Body Mist, that uses Jasmine, Tuberose and Sandalwood oil to calm inflamed and over-worked skins

A Golden Body Serum using Hyaluronic Acid to stimulate and hydrate. Hyaluronic Acid is extraordinarily beneficial for the skin as it hydrates and plumps, calms and is full of antioxidant properties. It is one of the most magical of ingredients, in its ability to retain and balance vast amounts of moisture within the skin’s barrier, enhancing pliability and youthful firmness.  Its’ replenishing properties also serve to fight day to day sun damage as well as providing an antioxidant defence to pollution.

Nourishing Body Oil heals and nurtures, encouraging deep sleep.

The Sacred Heart Balm combines happy sweetened scents of Tuberose, Frangipani and Vanilla with anti-oxidant rich murumuru seed, shea and cupuacu butters to boost moods and skin glow.

The Nourishing Pulse Point Remedy restores the skin and soul.

Finally, the Nourishing Jasmine and Tuberose Eau de Parfum create a beautifully sensuous floral tribute to white flowers: India, Jasmine and Tuberose.

Nourishing Bath

This collection is comprised of the Coconut Milk Bath salt, using copper, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to re-energise.

The Jade Scrub and Soak similarly re-energizes, rejuvenates and adds a glow to skin and soul.

Aman Skincare - Campaign 3AMAN Skincare range(Left to Right) Nourishing Silk Cocoon Face Cream, Grounding Amethyst Scrub &Soak, Purifying Palo Santo Salve

The 3 pathways offered by AMAN are not just extraordinary skincare but the opening up of larger emotional moments. This range is not just about the physical and sensory- albeit these play important parts- but more about the attainment of the intangible.

Using incredible ingredients with extraordinary sources, rooted in the locale of community and their resorts, AMAN offers a call to nature, to the earthy heart of something not quite within our grasp. This is about the attainment of new meditative moments in time; fighting the grief and stresses of modern day to day life, heavy hearts, weary souls, this skincare range aims to uplift, lighten and cleanse. Grounding us, Purifying and Nourishing us, AMAN seeks and achieves the otherworldy.





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