Woven; Ambit

By Jo Phillips

“Anybody can make history.  Only a great man can write it.”

The written word can stand to be the greatest foundation for creation.  While visual art makes claims to tell their own stories, words possess the ability to articulate those stories.  The infinite capabilities of a poem or script are unparalleled.  A short story, a piece of fiction, weaving together a precise set of words, possess a power completely beyond.  It can bring people from joy to tears to understanding.  Beyond that, physically printed words, pages and ink put in your hands, not only adds to the beauty of written words but brings something else entirely to the experience.  This, in turn, evokes a bittersweet emotion to the increasingly digital/visual heavy pace that has developed in the 21st century.  Not only has attention strayed away from text, but so has the demand for physically printed things.  And yet, despite all this, there remain publications like Ambit.

Ambit is a quarterly literary and art magazine, created and published in London.  Not only do they publish an incredible range of literature and art, but their magazine is entirely created from unsolicited submissions making it a perfect platform for any writer with any kind of experience.  As someone who has an incredible history and appreciation for creative writing, the beauty of Ambit as one of the few surviving platforms that continues to bring together words and art, is the definition of a singular stream of surviving sunlight in a digital tunnel.  Woven into the digital world, still going strong, Ambit is refreshing and beautiful.

From childhood, the power of stories has never been lost on me.  From ancient mythology to contemporary fiction, I have grown up with a singular appreciation for those with the talent to weave together a captivating tale.  From my teen years, I have additionally aspired to be one of those people.  And not just to write something moving and worthwhile, but to experience the added satisfaction that comes with seeing your name printed on a page.  Publications like Ambit have helped me to keep that dream alive and continue to thread their way through all of the new burgeoning digital publications that seem to be taking over the literary world.

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