Woven; FatFace-Folk, a Fashion for Everyone

By Dean Frankling

Has one ever realised how great collaborations are? Two brands coming together with their ideas to produce more creativity is perfect for this ever-evolving world of design and innovation. As you can imagine, Cent was well on board with this; creativity is never far from our midst and we grab at the chance to tell everyone about it.

Collaborations should not only be celebrated for what they produce, but also, what they do for its customers. Let’s face it, not everyone can get a chance at the big designer brands; but when they collaborate with middle market brands, they become considerably more accessible. People can embrace the brands they love, and ones they will soon discover, at a much fairer price. In doing so and in answering why collaborations are so great, they serve not one end of fashion – they serve everyone – a fashion style for everyone.

H&M’s collaborations provide great examples of this ‘fashion for everyone’ idea. Versace teamed up with H&M in 2011 providing a collection of clothing that served everyone – from Versace users to would-be lovers of the brand – all with an H&M touch. Everyone is a winner with collaborations. And now more recently, a new collaboration has sprung up in continuous trend. FatFace and Folk have teamed up with each other to present a clothing collection that just spices things up a bit – your favourite brand and then that little bit extra.

FatFace call it a ‘shared passion’ – but what do these opposing brands really have in common? FatFace has been on the scene for over 30 years while Folk is a newcomer at just over 15 years old. Not only that, but Folk follow a more traditional and simple look as their style – nothing too brash and nothing too forward – just simple quality clothes; whilst FatFace go for a more stylish and modern look. This shared passion is not which fashion market they serve; but it is the simple shared desire to produce quality clothing. But perhaps if we may add, an openness to get involved with other brands to give their dedicated brand lovers more of what they love – and then that little bit extra.

To use the word passion in describing their venture is a little overused. It is the one word you try to avoid when making a job application and is probably best avoided in a conversation on politics. On the other hand, maybe passion fits nicely into this collaboration. Their collection speaks for itself and requires no fancy introduction to prove themselves. So let’s have a look at a few of the items they have for us:





Simple and stylish, that is all we want sometimes. These items are just some of the many items to be available soon through FatFace and Folk. Their items resonate with everyone; serve the character of everyone; and will suit everyone’s needs. This collaboration, like many others, is innovative and full of creativity, just what Cent ordered. Check out their full range from their website.

Available at: https://www.fatface.com/folk





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