Sterling; The city that never sleeps?

By Sophie Field

InHere Meditation Pods

All too accustomed to our urban pods, taking the form of tube carriages, buses, cars, lifts, these mechanical boxes of transport take us from A to B, from 9 to 5 and from office to home. Yet where in this modern mode of living, surrounded by others and the constant hustle and bustle, is it possible for us to find a space for ourselves?

Inhere Meditation Pods provide just that. In partnership with luxury co-working space Uncommon, who put health, wellbeing, design and technology at the forefront of the spaces they create to encourage productive working, as well as Design and That, the pods are all natural, equipped with an area to sit or lounge, along with headset to provide meditative instants. With 10, 15, 20 and 30-minute guided meditations, the pods allow for the busy timetable of most of its users.

unnamed (5)Inhere

20 tracks cover mindfulness-based meditations and relaxing sounds inspired by nature, transporting the individual to another space and time where senses relax and tensions release. Nurturing the urban dweller and their day to day stresses, these pods offer a moment to reflect, to calm, to soothe and to ground.

unnamed (6)Inhere

The pods provide a mini home of relaxation. Their structure creating safety and privacy whilst not becoming claustrophobic, an unfortunate consign of many of our modern living spaces. Letting in both natural light and air, these pods create a small hub of relaxation wherever they are placed. It allows one to truly disconnect in both sound and space, escaping the constant stream of urbanite life. Meaning “To exist within”, they provide a space in which to exist, but also in which to connect with one’s own existence- the existence within.

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