Wrap Me Up

By Jo Phillips

Have you ever noticed that feeling when you are lucky enough to be wrapped in a cashmere jumper or even a shapely organdy blouse or a classic crisp white shirt? They are very specific feelings that several perfume brands have utilised to create scents of these very emotive feelings. One brand has a continuity that runs through its collection with scents that are ‘encasing’ cocooned, like the best of fabrics, or even cooling like the lightest cotton on a hot day. Meet Parfums de Marly the Parisian brand and their latest feminine scent that explores the world of cotton petticoats on a lady’s skin, rather sexy don’t you think? Find out more in Wrap Me Up here

In the files of history, a woman never showed her ankle; her bosom may heave in a corset, but her legs remain hidden under petticoats; frilly and feminine cotton camouflaged the skin.

But in their own way, these layers created friction brushing gently against her skin maybe as she brushed past a person to lust after, one never to be kindled. Were the lady scented, this only added to the friction and allure.

Parfums de Marly, the Haute Parfumerie Maison created by Julien Sprecher, revives the splendour of the lifestyle of Château de Marly, a place dedicated to pleasure and celebration during the 18th century. Always presenting itself via a modern perspective.

A juxtaposition of the present and past as coexisting and unexpected sources of inspiration.” 

Julien Sprecher

The feeling of being wrapped, cocooned, whether it be clothing or perfume is a theme that runs throughout the brand, the softest musks, and vanilla scents that are warm and comforting for mind body and spirit. these emotions so often encased in their scents, show their feelings in a new facet with their latest elixir; meet Valaya

Radiant yet soft, it looks to capture the scent of the skin caressed by a veil of cotton and a layer of silk. An ode to the softness yet power of every woman; the yin-yang of her. A brush against her reveals more than should be shown…

All bought together with a sense of modernity, coated in an all-white signature bottle, composed with the French perfumer Quentin Bisch from the flavour and fragrance house Givaudan. The layers of delicate petticoats worn in days past, but as modernity too, of a crisp white shirt worn with faded blue jeans, eternally chic.

The perfume as it would suggest, is a master minimalist, transparent bouquet built around the orange blossom. Opening with the softest peach tones alongside brights of citrus via Bergamot alongside Italian Mandarin which is known to be used in mindfulness meditation.

In its heart, find that most promised of ingredients: Orange Blossom. Meeting with rooty, earthy and super sexy Veitver and a  ‘monument to floral peace’ via the creamy note Nympheal, enhanced by an elixir surreptitiously dosed with musk

All these delicious notes rest and hold in a base of comforting Vanilla, deep dark Agarwood and ambery notes from Ambrofix (made from Sugar Cane)

Valaya evokes the sensation of cotton on the skin. It’s a cocoon-like perfume that’s at once sensual and elegant. A white perfume brimming with contrast, that’s delicate yet incredibly compelling

Julien Sprecher

Through the sands of time, the elevation of the spirit of women, her power, and her freedom has changed and had grown in momentum. Strong at the same time gentle, a leader rather than a follower, she is in command of her own sexuality to wear and flirt however she wishes.

This scent, with its own olfactory signature, sums this up and is just as powerful and alluring as any clothes she dons or any attitude she might hold. The blossom of women, the blossom of the orange a meeting. Unique to the woman that wears and ‘holds’ it

The women’s collection pulls together softness with calming comforting yet unusual perfumes, the men’s more alert fresh and bold also have a clear signature too. As with each, both sets are built on feelings caught in scent, from cocooned to powerful, soft to bold.

Should you wish to experience all the elixirs in the collection, the brand has opened its first UK store in Covent Garden piazza, 19 the market Covent Garden London. Marly’s other stores are at 26 Rue Cambion Paris, Washington street NYC, The Dubai mall Dubai and 19 the market Covent Garden London

Nobility in heritage and in ingredients, yet fresh with youthful modernity. Holding with it a frisson of electric sexuality, cotton of skin, silk on skin. Open the bottle, spray, and let it be revealed.

Valaya will be available in 75 ml from February 1st, 2023, and from January 15th exclusively in the Parfums de Marly boutique and on parfums-de-marly.com.

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