XXL: Accelerate to the Perfect Shave

By Jo Phillips

Gentleman’s grooming regimes are much more widely accepted and admitted to than ever before, and with the last of the Movember’s clinging onto their facial hair, we thought now would be a good time to showcase the current hit-list of players offering a delectable range of shaving goodies for men to accelerate from hairy biker to baby-bottomed smooth in less than 60 seconds:

Grooming Refinery Eye Gel
Luxe brand Aromatherapy Associates has teamed with leading groomers The Refinery, creating a signature skincare collection formulated specially for men. The 9 strong product line-up offers simple, yet effective, shave and skincare solutions for those who dislike fuss. Big like.

Grooming Bolin Webb
Contemporary men’s grooming brand Bolin Webb has unveiled its latest razor, the X1. Finished in automotive paint, set into a satin silver or black handle with a tactile rubber under grip and is compatible with Gillette’s Fusion blade; honestly what’s not to like?! Available in eight colours and compatible with Gillette Mach3 blades. Made in England, a new Bolin Webb Shave collection will be hitting the shelves early next year 2014 – just in time for Men’s Collections.

His After Shave Balm
Help him find His Heaven in the bathroom with this lovely After-Shave Balm. An un-perfumed moisturiser to soothe and calm the skin. It also has anti-ageing properties and contains Tea Tree to aid healing for those naughty nicks and cuts.

Erasmic Lather Shave and Brush.2004
And, for the dandy amongst us, have some retro fun with Erasmic, a vintage and re-issued, old school male grooming brand which has a full shaving range including brushes, shaving foam, shaving gel and creams.

Lather it up chaps.

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