XXL: Brows.. Bigger is better

By Jo Phillips

Will your New Year’s resolution be to regrow those over-plucked, pencil thin arched brows and reclaim your inner Brooke Shields as the trend for a “Cara” develops into less of a fad and more of a general slide back into embracing the more ‘natural’ approach.

You’d not be the only one; research from WhatClinic.com has recently discovered that demand for eyebrow enhancement treatments has more than doubled in 2013 – up by 127%.

Eyebrow tattoos – often sold as ‘semi-permanent makeup,’ have also risen in popularity – with demand up by almost two thirds (64%) since last year. Not that surprising really given the nation’s current obsession with reality shows either end of the country featuring perma-tattooed, perma-made up “characters.”

A cheaper, and genuinely (in my opinion) better alternative is the HD brow treatment; a combination of makeup and precise beauty techniques to create the “ultimate” brow. Involving a mix of tinting, waxing, tweezing, clipping, threading and finishing to get that ultra sharp, defined and beautiful brow.

So whilst the barbie doll look is on the wane and the bushier approach gains momentum; we’ve taken a look at brows through the decades with this fun demographic to see the cycle of brow designs and trends:
Eyebrows through the decades - WhatClinic.com infographic
Source: Whatclinic.com

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