XXL: It’s all about the Drama!

By Jo Phillips

FM Moodboard

Francesca Marotta SS14 Moodboard 

A SS14 collection that has caught my eye is ‘Sumertime Sadness’ by Francesca Marotta. This collection really plays on the XXL, dramatic silhouettes have been created using bespoke tulle skirts under glamorous maxi skirts and full length silk over coats. I am a sucker for a Tulle skirt as is Francesca who admitted ” I am obsessed since being a kid with Tulle skirts… Nearly all my collections will have at least one.”

The collection also features bralet tops, and full skirts with a cinched waist – a strong trend for SS14, creating that oh so flattering hourglass silhouette. In fact this collection is an ode to the womanly shape with the focal point being unashamedly, voluptuous and womanly hips.

Satin, waterproof and sheer fabrics  feature, the latter ticking another major trend box for next season.  The colour palate is very bold and black, pillar box red, turquoise and royal purple are broken up with a  smattering of large and miniature polka dots throughout the collection.

As our theme for December is XXL, I asked Francesca Marotta what it was about the exaggerated shape that inspired her for SS14.  She explained her inspiration and also sent us her mood board  (above) for the collection which certainly captures a glamorous 50s feel.

“The origins of 1950s fashion began with Christian Dior’s “New Look,”
in 1947. The “New Look” consisted of a below-mid-calf length,
full-skirt, pointed bust, small waist, and rounded shoulder line. And
I wanted to show this in the collection. What I was amazed about “La
Loren” (this is how we call Sophia Loren in Italy) when I was a kid
watching her movies, was the way she walked in her scenes and her hips
were going “Pam Pam Pam” (left-right-left-right) and her dresses emphasize it. So in this
collection it was obvious the hips had to be a focal point. The polka
dots skirts are inspired by one of my favourite Pop Art artist : Roy
Lichtenstein. the skirts were accentuated for the hips to become the
focus point in the woman’s body. “

So it really is all about the drama and the hips of course!

Francesca Marotta 7 Francesca Marotta 9


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