XXL: Maximise Your Hair – Genius Hints from the Experts

By Jo Phillips

It’s December, it’s party season, there’s dampness in the air and your hair…. well, let’s just say we’re all aware of how it can fall flat in the face of hats, air conditioning, central heating and the weather. Fear not because the battle against the elements has not been lost: .Cent has been speaking to a number of hair experts with the aim of getting a little XXL back into our locks.

We’re particularly loving the “7 days 7 ways” campaign from Umberto Giannini, for its ease, and variety of uses for non hair experts like ourselves. Creative Director of UG, Claire Shread has signed up gorgeous Tali Lennox to show us how versatile and multi-tasking the Backcomb in a Bottle product is from their range. Together they’ve created 7 very wearable, and party perfect hair styles from show stopping quiffs and huge statement beehives to wild curls and mermaid waves with just this 1 genius item…  Check them out here:


Sounds almost too good to be true, and for the non-believers, Tali has even helped to design a step by step guide to show how to do at home. Big thumbs up.

If you’re just after some quick hints and tricks to avoid falling flat, then award winning hairdresser Lee Stafford let us into one of his all-time expert tricks by reminding us to “Try not to create too much texture in your hair when you are trying to create volume that lasts as this will weigh the hair down. It’s all about keeping hair light to add height and volume. One of the most common hair styling mistakes is using too much product. Using too much product can make your hair look flat or even greasy.”

XXL Lee Stafford
And if its height on your crown that you’re looking for, relevant products you should be stocking up on include Lee’s “Big Fat Root Boost Mousse Spray,” which contains an innovative ingredient called Pro-Quat complex (apparently the key behind long lasting hair) and ‘Boosta’ from UNITE haircare; which is a weightless bodyifying styling product to give you a volume injection worthy of Dallas and Dynasty icons in the 80’s.

XXL hair - Unite Boosta

UNITE’s UK ambassador Fletch advises “Mist into the hair from roots to tips and blast hair dry in circular motions to create volume at the roots.” Made with moisturizing sea kelp and plant derived polymers, Boosta is vegan friendly and paraben free too.

So ladies and gents, all you need to do is lift a section of towel dried hair and spray directly onto the root area. Repeat this process throughout the areas you want to create volume. Comb through, then blow dry as normal and watch the volume grow…

Phew.  This sounds totally do-able.

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