XXL: Sparkle and Shimmer

By Jo Phillips

Outdoors Christmas lights are all the rage throughout the festive season, but what about the effort lighting designers put in lighting indoor spaces to create a comfortable atmosphere within the confines of four walls? .Cent walks into the world of light and has a look at lighting designs that make a room come alive with that XXL-special sparkle and shimmer.

Wave Chandelier by Moritz Waldemeyer
Claiming centre stage and shining spectacularly at the luxurious InterContinental Hotel at Davos this December is designer Moritz Waldemeyer’s wave chandelier. The show piece interprets the alpine hinterland playfully by swirling 1,400 hand-blown glass spheres into a gust of snow. The installation is meticulously placed in the atrium, so as to interact with the sublime scenery of the Swiss snow-covered mountains in the backdrop creating an unconditionally peaceful winter escape haven.

Wave chandelier by Moritz Waldemeyer

Wave chandelier by Moritz Waldemeyer

Carla by KOLARZ
1918-established Austrian lighting company KOLARZ‘s Carla is literally a heavenly creation. The pendant light is made with a halo ring of thousands of octagonal crystals from either Swarovski SPECTRA® or KOLARZ crystals, making it the magnificent showpiece that is both impressive and harmonizing whether for the entrance hall, dining room or as a central piece in the living room.

Carla by KOLARZ – available from The Lighting Store.

Crazy Diamond by SLAMP
Go crazy for SLAMP’s Crazy Diamond. Designed by Luca Mazza, the pendant light has been compared to ‘an exploding block of ice’, as its multi-angled surfaces of Crystalflex® generates a glint of light around the transparent crystal centre creating a uniquely modern, vibrant and fresh atmosphere.

Crazy Diamond by SLAMP

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