Yarat in Baku

By Jo Phillips

Yarat. In English, To Create. A simple name for the Baku, Azerbaijan based organization that promotes, cultivates and nurtures talent while providing an international platform for artists.

As a growing artistic hub Baku has seen a birth of galleries and exhibitions in the past few years. Through Yarat, Azeri artists have presented work, including Simon de Pury’s ‘Fly to Baku’, around the world including London, Berlin, Paris and Moscow. There are future plans for exhibitions in Hong Kong, Venice  and Miami.

The film below “The Igniters” is produced by renowned film director Adrian Steirn.  The short depicts the art in Baku with insight and comment from industry leaders including Simon de Pury, Herve Mikaeloff as well as Yarat founder, Aida Mamahdova.

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