Your Words

By Keny Kakadia

A good book has the ability to build a special bond with the reader. It allows us to enjoy and embrace to engage and grow. This is one of the reasons books have maintained their existence for hundreds and thousands of years. Some will uplift our mood, some will leave us in a thoughtful melancholic mood. Others will impart ancient knowledge and wisdom whilst others teach us a life lesson. Whatever the reason books expand our world. Here in our article, In Your Words, find out about how the expansion of language helps readers to reach a bigger world.

Wonderful literature comes in many languages but not all great books are universally available. As English is the 3rdmost spoken language it makes sense that publishing companies want to expand their readership to as many people as possible. Most of us want to experience every culture so for example Japan, we have heard about traditional arts, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and flower arranging. Yet the country has a legacy of gardens, sculpture, and poetry and now that the book Terminal Boredom has been edited from Japanese to British speakers many more are able to see another facet of this land. A translated base book can help us to feel the very essence of a different part of the world from our own comfort language.

Long Live the Post Horn! 

A novel filled with mystery and expresses the feeling of loneliness. This story is about a 35-year-old lady name Ellinor, she is a media consultant and she’s not been feeling herself much at all lately Far beyond worn-out. So, she picks through an old diary and fails to recognize the women in those pages running through her memory as far as she could remember.

But suddenly when her workmate vanishes overnight a usual task comes her way. This book is a journey of a strange and transformative six months in her life. Once you read the book you will get to know who the girl in the diary is. The book basically is a blend of mystery and how a girl deals with the battle of loneliness and anxiety. 

This book was beautifully written initially written Norwegian by Vigdis Hjorth and then translated into English by Charlotte Barslund. Vigdis Hjorth lives in Oslo. she won dozens of prizes and even wrote many best-selling novels. She is prised by many new and magazine publishers like Praise, financial times and guardian.

Girl Against God 

Then comes another incredible book which is jam-packed experimental horror, feminist theory and magic. It was published in Norwegian and then recently translated in English. This Story is about a small-town in Norway where some strict rules are made for woman and this strictness of Christian values run deep. When one day a teenage girl rebels, a creature of obscure creativity and hatred in the town.

She moves to Oslo where she experiences witches’ coven, metal bands, murder on people’s minds, and much more. Where a situation happens with a group of schoolgirls going missing the book continues with twists and turns with a radical fusion of experimental horror, feminist theory, anxiety, magic, writing, and art. 

This wonderful story is written by  Jenny Hvalshe. She is a Norwegian writer and musician. She has enhanced a logical and uncompromising view of politics and sexuality in her books.

Terminal Boredom

Last but not least Terminal Boredom was published in Japanese and it is about to launch in English in April 2021.  This Book holds 7 different short stories each holding a different genre. One story that gets a lot of attention is where a boy is caught captive in a containment area and how he manages to escape whilst being observed by a lady. This novel is a mirror of our current 2020 circumstances.

The author is Izumi Suzu and Terminal Boredom is the first English language publication of her work. She is a legend of Japanese science fiction and a countercultural icon. When the father of her children, the jazz musician Kaoru Abe, died of an overdose, Suzuki’s creative output went into overdrive. she began producing the irreverent, punky short fiction, novels, and essays that ensured her reputation. Sadly she took her own life in 1986, leaving behind a decade’s worth of groundbreaking and influential writing.

Once a publication is opened into a new language it allows for far more people to engage. Reaching out to you in the comforting language of your own. Taking you on a journey somewhere you may never have been or may never go.

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