Yú Parfums for You

By Yasmin Ayture

To choose between silence and noise, to hear the words that live only in the heart and never in the world around us, the unspeakable. Sharing a moment without conversing, traversing the world in a split second. Internationally grown ingredients blend into brand new Yú Parfums, a perfume experience to be shared and explored with this one-of-a-kind subscription service. In the latest story from the brand, explore the musks and material so core to the unique scents. Read more in Yú Parfums for You.

A new concept entering the perfume market, Yú Parfums are a membership service harbouring a connection for those who seek serenity and bliss. Indeed, Yú Parfums are more than a perfume brand, with creative Perfume Authors drawing inspiration from their surroundings to curate indulgent perfume compositions. To walk together, wondering through the streets of the hidden, foreign, and perhaps never to be walked lands.

Gender-neutral smells, the epitome of Earth’s harmony and acceptance, blind to difference: free. To understand or to be understood? New and never experienced scents to be discovered and unraveled in every monthly package, the untouchable and unremembered dream that stays with you. There is no limit to what can be shared by man and woman, the stream of majestic reality accessible to all.

The most recent edition III Perfumer story explores skin-like scents, mastering the art of being gentle yet bold. Minimalistic and pure, linear in the passage of discovery. Indeed, these scents are a common language. The formulations of fragrances and musks seek to touch the skin and complete the necessary harmony. Find the facets explored, in seven eight and nine, of Tonka Bean, Warmed Sand with Powdery Musks, Saffron, Cardamom Dry Ambers and Blond Wood.

The ‘Authors’ of these scent stores are as before, Claudine de Vogel, Dominique Preyssas and Alexandra Kosinski

Committed to truth and to the power of nature, grateful. Thankful to the divinity and loyalty of the world which knows how to live and asks no questions, Yú Parfums are vegan and cruelty-free. These scents are embedded with respect for the here, the now and the everywhere. Recyclable edition boxes are delivered to the door, a choice of bi-monthly, 6 and 12-month membership options are available for those joining the Yú Parfums community. 

For £40, the curated scents are diligently designed, telling tales of the unknown and writing the story of your day. Each edition is a 3x10ml perfume chapter, one refillable atomiser and nine scent sticks bringing joy and light. A unique opportunity to become lost in the far away, to experience secrets from around the world.

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