7 Wonders

By Jo Phillips

Rolling hills of lush greenery, ripe succulent fruits, vines intertwined between full foliaged trees, and bursting flowerheads rich with fragrance.  Not difficult to picture in a mind’s eye but maybe a little harder to capture the scent in your imagination.  Worry not Jo Malone’s newest collection of fragranced items celebrates exactly that. Inspired by the ideas of the fabled hanging gardens read about it here in 7 wonders.

One of the most famous stories of hanging gardens is the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world. Depicted in artworks, featured blossoming flowers, ripe fruit, burbling waterfalls, and terraces exuberant with rich foliage but seen as a myth and not necessarily reality. Based on Babylonian literature, tradition, and the environmental characteristics of the area, some of the following plants may have been found in the gardens.

Think luscious figs, juicy grapevines, and green cypress and you can start to get a feel for the scents that would be absolutes for any richly planted hanging garden, and it’s exactly these scents that Jo Malone have explored in the new collection Lost In Wonder.

Firstly, there is the Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne in both 30 ml and 100ml. Those romantic flower blossoms that sit elegantly upon the pond’s surface meet the with the plump, juicy figs. This makes for a luscious yet delicate floral Cologne.

Next comes the Cypress & Grapevine cologne intense in 50ml or 100ml. Cypress with its fresh green and woody combination sits perfectly with the trailing grapevine combining to bring a scent that is evergreen woody with depths of soft amber. This dynamic combination understandably is an Intense cologne.

Both of two new fragrances can be paired with each other or another from Jo Malone London’s collection to create a personalised scent.

Also in the range find the Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense Exfoliating Shower Gel 200ml.

Fragrance is an emotive journey taking you places in your mind and your heart and sometimes just sometimes it is nice to go to a place of myth and fantasy and away from life’s troubles and tribulations and now via Cypress & Grapevine Fig and lotus flowers off we can all float.

The collection is available at jomalone.co.uk and in Jo Malone London boutiques from September 2020. If you can’t travel right now why not go to Mexico in your mind Here.

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