9 It’s beginning to Smell Like Christmas

By Jo Phillips

It’s not just on the festive day that our sense of smell becomes alive with particular scents. All the way through the season we eat drink and make merry building into a crescendo on the 25th of December. Our sense of smell, so powerful, that the moment we get a whiff of Cinnamon, Tangerine and Star Anise we know it’s the Christmas holiday period. Here we celebrate perfumes and explore these notes so familiar with the food we eat during this festive season. From a grind of black Pepper via spicy warming Cardamom and Ginger 9, it’s beginning to smell like Christmas.

Images all Sangeetha Sadasivan.

L’ Artisan Perfumer Tea for Two An ethereal fragrance of rich Chinese tea creating a wisp of warm spices and honey with Cinnamon Star Anise and a Tea note.

Penhaligons Potions and Remedies Liquid Love A passionate eau de parfum to set hearts a-flutter. Spicy rushes of Pink Pepper, Ginger and Turmeric lock in a fiery embrace with Chilli and Musk. Be warned: one spritz too many may cause swooning.

Penhaligons Potions and Remedies Eau The Audacity. A bottle of boldness to cast off the shackles of shyness. Audacious orange blossom surprises vanilla and incense; how fancy! Spritz sparingly (or not – we dare you).

Jo Loves Amber Lime & Bergamot Warm, sexy and elegant it is about glamour, celebration and living in the moment. The freshness of Bergamot and Mandarin intertwine with the warmth of Amber and Cedarwood while the finishing touch of Suede and Patchouli make this an unforgettable fragrance.

Loewe Solo Cedro EDT is woody and robust, it contrasts notes of Cedar with Petitgrain, and Nutmeg with Lavender. The scent comes in a translucent glass flask in a dark shade of red.

Vyaro I Am Verdant I am Verdant is a fragrance sprouting fresh green growth. Its enveloping mossy citrus aromatic comes from clarifying Italian bergamot and uplifting cyclamen combined with illuminating frankincense, cleansing iris absolute and orange flower absolute for elevating the spirit.

PALLETE wallpaper by Mind The Gap is a lively reinterpretation of our TRAITE DES COULEURS design, presenting pages from Boogert’s 1692 study on hundreds of hand-painted colour swatches. The vibrancy of the new colour palette brings a more joyous graphic depiction to the wall, while still paying tribute to the ‘Traité des couleurs servant a la peinture a l’eau’ and its importance for the world of colour. SHEPHERD’S DELIGHT wallpaper by Mind The Gap is a refreshing design with multi-coloured floral patterns on a soft blue background. Evoking the tranquil essence of Transylvanian flower fields, the gentle batik-inspired background is brought to life by bold, water-coloured blooms. This hand-painted wallpaper is layered in a single 900 cm roll, making it easy to install and create a stunning focal point in any room.

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